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Toyota 4 Runner


Does anyone own one or at one point owned one? how many mles did you put on it? how reliable was it.


289k miles

I FUCK THE SHIT UP and it drives straight! I've had 3 total. I just sold my 1997 v6.

Here is my website for my rig. It's a few years old.


I'm a 4Runner fool.


My wife has an '04 4 Runner Sport Edition. So far she has 30k on it and we have not had a single problem and we absolutely love it. All round this is one nice SUV. The '06's are sweet too. They changed the healights a bit, the taillights are now LED and some minor interior changes have been done as well. You can't go wrong with the 4-Runner




I have an '02 Tacoma and there aint a damn thing that you can do to stop that thing from running so I imagine the 4runner is damn near the same.


My dad's got a loaded '06. It's been back to the dealership 3 times, twice for a air pressure sensor and once for something whack with the power steering.


anything japanese is good.


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I have a '01 sr5 Sports Edition. Its the 1st year with the hood scoop and its chassis is far better looking than the redesign that occured in '03 IMO. Straight from the factory the engine is a bit underpowered on acceleration, but fine on torque. It really is a truck, which i love in the days of unibody pseudo cars posing as trucks, SUVs, and 'sports utility wagons'. It was (and i think still is) the only truck with a locking rear differential straight out of the factory, meaning you can drive off the showroom floor and on to the trails without any other alterations.

I've had a wonderful experiance with my vehicle and have had a terribly fun time in 4x4 mode. The newer ones have a beefier engine, but i'd go with an '02 sports, since it has a better skid plate from the factory. If you want a toy for crawling and pure offroad, look for older models, much like the one pictured a couple posts above. Get a "6 suspension, "35 Mud terrains, Dana 44 locker...and you're in heaven.


Oh yea, i almost forgot the best part. The power rear window