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Toying With 5 Week Cycle

I had been planning on doing a big bulk cycle in the end of October, however I have 3 friends who are on right now that are pissing me off. I have only done 1 cycle, and it was decent sized. Now I’m thinking of going with a 5 weeker, test prop and anavar. Would run the test at 30mg/day, var at 40-50mgs day? I have some fina that I could throw in but I think it will just be too suppresive. Will a dose of only 210mg of test even do me any good? Let me know what you all think. Thanks



i think that 30 mg/ED of test prop might be a little low, not to mention rather painful…maybe 100-150 mg/EOD?

here’s a little info on test prop, if ya scroll about 2/3 down the page: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=354419&pageNo=5

also, due to test prop’s half-life, i don’t think ED injections will peak quite right. however, i could be wrong…P-22, MK or BushBoy will probably know…

Yeah cyclo, you’re wrong. ED shots actually in theory would provide more consistent blood levels… and less sides from fluctuating levels…blah blah. And in all due respect, I don’t understand your reasoning. It’s a relatively short half life, so more frequency would provide better stability. However… EOD and ED is probably negligible in regards to Propionate. You’re just making it a tad more comfortable of a rotation with EOD.

I would up the dose of Test Prop, say 150mg EOD, and run it with the Var as you have outlined.

I have a love/hate affair with Prop. I don’t know if I really prefer it just yet. It’s a pain in the ass. But I agree it’s a necessity with shorties.

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First, thanks for the ideas. Second, I’m leaning to a 4 weeker now.

So, I could go with:
100mg test prop eod
30mg var ed

Also have access to dbol and tren, so I’m not really sure what I want to go with. I had been trying to save tren and dbol for a big bulker, but I’m not sure.

As far as “running” with my friends, they have longer than 5 weeks left. One is preparing for a contest, the other is training with him. I think they are both uneducated about this stuff, so I’d like to make em look dumb in a shorter time frame. It’s also been 17 weeks since I was last “on”, and I’m getting antsy.

I do have PCT in order. Was not planning on hcg this time, but do have adex and clomid on hand, can get nova if I choose to. What do you all think about this dosing/drug choice for a 4 week cycle? Thanks again.


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your original post says that you will be treating this as a bulker. i’d personally switch up the var with some d-bol, or if you feel up to it some drol.

the prop will be ok EOD, as ED injects might be uncomfortable for you. i’d stick to 100 mg EOD, but for a 4 weeker i’d personally do a 300mg frontload on day 1 just to get blood levels up immediately. throw in some d-bol at 25 mg ED and you’ll be good to go.

letro or a-dex is a must during this cyle. clomid, nolva and TRIBEX for PCT.

good luck.

Thanks for the ideas. In the original post I said I had been planning a bulker in October, I’m not 100% which way I will take this one, if I decide to do it at all. Some good ideas fellas, thanks!


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