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Town Hall with Obama


This has to be the biggest joke I have ever seen. Are we really supposed to believe this wasnt set up after seeing other town halls? Even my brother who is a liberal said it was fake. Anyone else fired up after this? Has this man even read the bill?


His WH speaker was asked this very question, and after a ton of stuttering and fidgeting, he gave a hap-hazard answer.


I watched it with my 83 year old grandma. She said "Obama scares me." When I get back home and can get on my computer instead of using this phone I will find a town hall and I will fight against this. Obama you have awoken this sleeping giant.


Has any of the news coverage shown any protesting outside the meeting?


From what I saw, they only showed the inside of the townhall where the meeting was being held. You should have seen the beginning when Obama was first announced, not a single boo to be heard. Nothing but praise. This thing looks rigged to me.


It really wasn't rigged, guys. They were going to kick people out if they yelled and were disruptive, but they were not pre-screened questions.


Haha. Did you hear the "Yes we can" chants?

The questions themselves may not have been screened, but it would take a fool to believe there wasn't any screening of the attendees.


You forgot to mention lack of challenging questions. I wish I could debate this clown.


It's probable. But, did you not hear all the questions from Republicans?

Also, I am curious what you guys thought of the President's plan?


What would you have asked?


I didn't see the whole thing, but my favorite part was when he said, "Medicare works right."


I would have asked him to explain why the bill says that if you drop your insurance for any reason you would be forced to usw the public option. its on page 16 I believe.


He didn't say that. He said there are problems with that system and it is quickly becoming unsustainable. When it comes to it's ability to provide care however, works just as well if not better than most options offered to elderly patients.

Btw, if it means anything to you, the AMA and the AARP endorse Obama's plan.


You will not be forced to use the public option! It will be available to you but no one will be forced.


The public option is meant to, eventually, crowd out the private. What was it? 15-20 years for a single payer system? Or, so they hope.


The aarp is losing tons of members because of it.


Please explain page 16 then.

On a side note, it was interesting to see him in the gym of my high school being asked a question by a teach I had. And on another note, Portsmouth is full of "Yes we can!" people that just looveee Obama.


What issues does every one oppose? Is it just that you do not think that health care is a right. It canâ??t be the illegal immigrant getting health care because they already get it. The only people not insured are the working class that worries about their credit rating.


That isn't what the bill says, or at least did. It bans new enrollment in private plans.


Explain to me how illegals have coverage that the working class don't.