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Town Hall Health Care Meeting


Got this from my senator:


Cardin wants input from Marylanders on "one of the most important

pieces of legislation to be considered in my lifetime"

As the Congress moves closer to consideration of legislation to overhaul the American health care system, U.S. Senator Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD) will hold a Town Hall meeting on Monday, July 20 to discuss the various options that are being discussed by Congress and to listen to Prince George's County residents about what they would like health care reform to include. The Senator will provide the most up-to-date information on current proposals that are being considered, including a public option, how to fund health care reform and how best to achieve universal coverage.

WHAT: Senator Cardin to hold Health Care Town Hall meeting

WHEN: Monday, July 20 at 7 pm.

WHERE: Prince George's Community College

Largo Student Center, 2nd Floor Community Room

          301 Largo Road, Largo, MD 20774

RSVP to Carleton Atkinson at 301-860-0414 or via e-mail at carleton_atkinson@cardin.senate.gov

Sent this in reply:


I plan to attend your meeting.

I also plan to bring my 3 sons whom you are screwing out of any possiblility of a future by even considering passing this health care bill.

Sen Say

If anyone can provide talking points, I'd be appreciative.



Make sure to ask how the hell they plan to pay for it. And ask why they voted down a proposal that would make it mandatory for congress to get the insurance but are forcing everyone else to get it.


Ask him about the lie (carefully modified truth?) that you'll be able to keep what you have. Ask him about the provision that says you have to already have it within the year that the legislation is enacted or you MUST get the public option. Ask him about the fact that once enacted you will not be able to change coverage and that the only option left is the public one. Ask him what happens when all the private companies close up shop because it's illegal to sell new policies. Ask him if this is not just a slight of hand to eventually force every last citizen into the public option. Ask him how the president can look into the camera and say "if you like your coverage you can keep it" when that really means until you die or until all of the private companies they are intentionally destroying no longer exist except maybe as puppets of the government.


If I wanted to call this healthcare idea "Robin Hood" healthcare, ask him how would I be wrong. Ask him why foreign leaders come here for healthcare if their universal healthcare is so great. Ask him why the US government is considering ideas from other countries, when the basis of this country was an idea to escape those very ideas.


In addition to those mentioned:

Ask him if he will be using the public option.

Considering the abysmal financial status that medicare and social security are in and the addition of this, ask him when he expects the gov to begin bankruptcy procedures.

Ask him how many of the ~50 million uninsured are illegal immigrants and how many choose not to carry insurance.

Ask him how this will affect business owners and their ability to hire/retain employees.

Ask him what incentive prospective doctors will have to begin a profession controlled by people like himself.

Ask him if this is the type of government employed doctor we will have to look forward to http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,534050,00.html

If you are screened before asking questions and still get called on, ask why they are screening questions in a townhall meeting.


(We all know the answer, but ask anyway....)

"Is all of Congress going to be covered under the new plan"?

(They actually are not, and are leaving for themselves much greater options).



Exactly! Take a bow sir.


This is exactly my point. The Revolutionary War happened because the colonies were tired of doing things the way England did. And fought for the idea of doing things both their own way, and also a better way. Why in the hell would we go backwards?

Also people are also torn on whether this bill would also subsidize abortions, a decent number of Dems are not cool with this idea.


I hate to be the one to differ with you here, but the colonists did their level best to be included in the way England was doing things. Most wanted nothing more than to continue loyal to the empire if George III would have treated them with some semblance of meaningful citizenship instead of as a personal overseas piggy bank. During the revolution many thousands of American born loyalists (don't forget those Tories) fought beside the red coats.

It wasn't the way Britain was being governed that led to the revolution. It was the very fact that the colonies were NOT being governed likewise though they certainly weren't enthusiastic about every aspect of British rule either. Even many who eventually went to war did so with much sorrow for having to take up arms against the empire they really wanted to love.

Right up until the signing of the DOI they were sending offers of compromise and peace.


Check out this town hall meeting


Damn thats nuts.


That's my kind of woman.


Actually at this meeting you should ask the same question she asked too.


I was thinking the same thing but I didn't want to hijack the thread.

See HH's new thread on BO's first executive order, I posted a link to the same video there.


How about:

  1. If health insurance is to be "universal," this would mean an increase in access by 15%...overnight. How will this plan increase the number of providers, facilities and services by 15%?

  2. Where are the provisions for cost containment?

  3. If your answer to #1 and #2 is, "I do not know," then how will this bill ration care?

("Eliminating fraud, waste and abuse" is not an answer. If it were an answer, it would have been done already, in MediCare, every year since 1965.)

  1. The dollar benefits of this program will be concentrated in those industries which benefit from volume: hospitals, insurance companies, and drug companies...not doctors, nurses, etc. Since insurance companies do not provide "care," why are they not turned into public utilities, earning fixed profit for their services?


But let me ask you this.....

My wife and i pay about $1000.00 for her and i and one baby, MONTHLY for Health insurance. No dental, no eye, no prescription plan. IS this fair? Is that reasonable?

For a young family that is a severe financial burned to carry monthly. Oh we use a doctor visit once a year or so. Can it make it better for people like us?


Don't you see what they're doing to you? When they can have you even asking the question

they've got you right where they want you. The propaganda is working. Take out a piece of paper and write this down from some faceless guy on the internet who you will one day think is a prophetic genius.

The cost of QUALITY healthcare will never never EVER again be reasonable as long as somebody other than you pays your doctors for anything short of a life and or limb threatening catastrophe. Furthermore, once the government controls your access to healthcare you will long for the day when you could pay 1000 dollars a month for the freedom you once had.

Write that down and stick it somwhere. You will one day take it out and read it, long after it's too late, realizing then how foolish it was to entrust your daily life to a bunch of nanny state snobs who conned you into thinking that they could take better care of you than you could yourself. I am promising you as sure you are sitting there reading this.


We went...they had little blue cards for us to fill out with our questions...of course they chose 'soft-ball' questions...I submitted, "Senator, will you be using the public option?" and "Considering the abysmal financial status that medicare and social security are in and the addition of this, when do you expect the gov to begin bankruptcy procedures." Obviously mine weren't chosen.

The audience was packed to about 2/3rds of idiots in support of this. They'd bussed immigrants in from CASA and a State Employee's Union was in attendance with really ugly purple shirts saying, Health Care Reform NOW.

After the initial blue card questions, they opened it up to questions. It was about 1/3 questions trying to praise the plan, 1/3 saying it was retarded and 1/3 that made no fucking sense.

The lines were too long for me to get a question in, but most of the ones you guys suggested were asked:

1) why they voted down a proposal that would make it mandatory for congress to get the insurance but are forcing everyone else to get it. - The Senator denied they'd done this. The question asker yelled at him he needs to read the bill.

2) Ask him if he will be using the public option. - He said yes.

3) Ask him how many of the ~50 million uninsured are illegal immigrants and how many choose not to carry insurance - the number of uninsured he was quoting was 46mill...and he said he wasn't positive, but that that excluded illegals...the question asker asked him how he was planning on excluding illegals from showing up for care.

I didn't get a pic of me with the Senator, but I'll see if She Say can email me the one we got of him. I want to make sure I do my best to let you guys know I was there and took the advice I was asking for. Goddamit I hate threads with no resolution!




Have you asked your insurance why it's so expensive? I mean, call someone up and ask why the hell you are being charged so much, maybe you can look around and see if you can get a better rate.