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Any drawbacks of using a towel round the bar to comfort the top of the back whilst squating and doing goodmornings?

yes, it is unstable.

i found once i developed the traps and shoulder muscles, then i was able to cradle the bar on the muscle.

the muscle acted like padding.

i dont think a towel would hinder your lifts.

i use lifting straps to ‘max out’ my dead-lifts and shoulder-shrugs


IMO a towel will mess you up…
Depending on the poundages you use a towel will increase the chances of the bar slipping down your back. If you are a profuse sweater you may need some chalk applied to the back of your shirt to increase friction.
When I was still a newbie to the game I convinced myself I needed a squat pad; big mistake… I was at 315 lbs. and the pad slipped/rotated while I was unracking… ugly.

Just work up your upper back muscles and retract your shoulder blades… If you are of a decent size there should be a “shelf” of muscle formed for the bar to sit on. Get used to the “feel” of the bar on your back. I have this perverse pleasure in taking off my shirt and seeing the strawberries (“raspberries” ?)on my back after an intense squatting session. lol.

i used to use a towel & gloves, once i got rid of both i got 10x stronger… and as for a towel when squatting, if i didnt use one it would hurt so bad, but if you just say f it and go through the pain it gets alot better (didnt experience any pain after probably a week), alot more stable, and i dont know but it seemed to help blow my traps up.:slight_smile:

Actually this is a great idea if you do not have a safety squat bar or camberd squat bar for max effort low box squats …the whole pourpouse of the ssbar and cam sq bar is to chage the bar placement forcing you to stay tight in the upper back or you will get thrown forward and roll over…i would not use this on your dyamic squats but on max effort day roll a thick pad or towel around the bar and do close stance low box squats on a 10-12 inch box with work boots on it will really work the lower back and upper back…big m