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Towel Press?

I’ve heard of a bench press using foam and carpet, but does a towel strike anyone as being a likely candidate? I’m due to cycle my ME exercise in a couple weeks and I thought this would work well enough. Opinions?

Technically you could use anything to limit the ROM. A towel probably isn’t going to hold up well against resistance the way wooden boards, a foam roller or even a rolled up carpet could.

Slightly off topic but foam is GREAT, i prefer it over 1-2board press

Yea, I’m also not so sure about the towel.

Xen, not sure if you were talking about foam as in like an airex pad. But you can also use a half foam roller.



Real men use lumber. If you can’t get a splinter from doing it, it’s probably not a real exercise.

I’ve done them. You need a lot of towel though.

Just cut some 1" construction grade styrofoam into 6" x 24" pieces.
This gives you 1" increments. Hold in place with a bungee cord. No slivers.


I intend to use boards anyways in a month or two, but I wanted to more or less get the “feel” of the reduced ROM with an easily available household item.

I suppose I could use the rugs in my bathroom, but I’m scared of folding it the wrong way and getting dingleberries all over my shirt.

[quote]LUEshi wrote:
I’m scared of folding it the wrong way and getting dingleberries all over my shirt.[/quote]
EliteFTS used to carry a shit I’ve seen it somewhere else too. It was a picture of a figure doing board press’s. The caption was something like Its a Powerlifting thing you wouldn’t understand.

BTW, you’ll have to remove the word dingleberries from your vocabulary to do a proper board press.