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Towel chins are a BITCH !!!

WoO-hOo!!! I recently added
towel chins to the end of my vertical pulling routine and they are putting a hurting on me. The best I can do so far is 3X5 with strict from and a 311 tempo. My grip gives out before my back fatigues. Gotta love that ! Is there anyone else out there that is currently doing them and if so, do you do them first or last? I don’t think I would have much grip strength left for other movements if I did them first. Thoughts-opinions? Thanks.

Yes they are but they are a helluva lot of fun :slight_smile: I did em in the middle of back and bi day so I guess that would be the end of the back routine. Only problem I had was a cheap towel that I basically destroyed. Was shredded and tattered … but hey it is just a towel :wink:

I’m currently doing them during my Renegade Training. They tend to come toward the end part of the weight training section of my workouts. They are tough, but they work so well! I was doing them for sets of 8-10 last year, but after having a layoff, I’m now doing sets of 4-6 with 45-second rest intervals. I love’em, and my hands let me know how much they love them when they get all cramped up from squeezing the towel tightly!

I do them and I always do them towards the end of my first pulling workout of the week. If yopu like these you should try 2 towel chins:)
have fun

I use a towel chin variation in order to progress to 1 arm chins. Hold a towel in your strong hand and a chin up bar or handle with the weak hand. You can apply King’s weak side rule here as well to improve your unilateral balance. Anyone who played/played an overhand sport can attest to the imbablances they can create in your lat strength/development.

As will noted vary the chins between 1 & 2 (wide) towel chins for extra “fun”. Good luck with them. In faith, Coach Davies