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Touro University Survey

Dear Exercisers/Supplement Users,

My name is Eric Ip, a professor of clinical pharmacy at Touro University in Vallejo, CA. I am conducting a web-based research survey. It is designed to help health care providers and exercise trainers understand exercise trends and performance-enhancing products/supplements used by weightlifters, bodybuilders, athletes, and recreational exercisers. The results of this study will help future research and education on the topics of exercise science, steroid use, and medication/nutritional supplementation.

We encourage everyone who exercises (even those who don’t take supplements) to participate. Please help our research and take a few minutes to fill out our completely anonymous survey at:


Dr. Eric Ip, Pharm.D., BCPS, CSCS
Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences
Touro University- CA College of Pharmacy
Homepage: http://www.tu.edu/faculty.php?uid=343

Thanks to those who have completed the survey! We are still looking for many more, so please participate!


Cool survey. I hope with this survey you will not perpetuate the false myths about steroids but instead teach the truth.

Is your pharmacy school even open yet? I thought it was opening next year? Feel free to stick around and learn something about steroids before you start preaching to your young and impressionable students about the evils that exist with anabolic and androgenic steroids.

Here is your first shock, it does not cause kidney failure or diabetes (listed in my textbook).

EDIT: I mistook your school for the one in NY that is opening this fall

I could be wrong, but I believe the people conducting this survey are friendly to our cause.

I hope so, I just know in my experience, that professors are very naive to anabolic steroids. I have had pharmacology teachers and physiology professor utter the most ridiculous rhetoric that exists. I have actually never met a professor who has half the understanding of the sex hormones as several of the members on this board do (including yourself).

Thanks for the support everyone and keep the surveys coming in! BTW, I’m not your typical pharmacy professor since I majored in Exercise Science prior to getting my PharmD and also have a CSCS credential. Hopefully, with this survey data we can better educate our health professionals!

Eric Ip, Pharm.D., BCPS, CSCS

Glad to see I was mistaken! Best of luck!

Thanks egnatiosj!

Hopefully we can also get more data on insulin users also!

Its without doubt that we abuse these substances but I hope that they are able to sift through everything and realize that we are in fact heavily educated on the nature of these drugs. An unbiased conclusion. Not another popular media survey.