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Tour de France


Hi friends,

So who else likes to watch the tour. The castles, the mountains, the crazy fans in chicken suits, and ofcourse the cycling!

Go Cadel!!

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I respect all the sacrifice these guys put into their sport and don't underestimate the sheer amount of strength of will power it takes to compete, but I have no interest in watching a bunch of skinny, pale guys ride bikes.


I'm definitely a fan, just wish there was more to talk about this year than fucked up crashes. Thor's having one hell of a ride, but everybody else is boring the shit out of me!!


I'm a big fan! Following it every day :slight_smile:

Best experience is on HD. Loving it. Can get pretty addictive, me thinks.


it's actually really fun and interesting to watch, I would have never expected. Versus HD for the win


Love it. Been having a hard time catching it this year.


Waiting for someone to make a move, hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday in the Alps Frank or Andy make a move, or someone else. Right now, they are all just staying together not letting anyone get away.

While I'm sure all of France would love Tommy Voeckler staying in Yellow, I doubt it will happen.

I wish the Pyrenees would have been a bit more exciting, and also fewer crashes. But I think that last day where Andy Schleck got like 2 seconds on Cadel Evans was kind of a warning shot. Contador is still dangerous, but I think he's beat up from the crashes and Giro win.

I just think it is insane that they can ride 10 miles up a 9% grade averaging 15 mph, and surging to over 20. Also when there is a mechanical issue and a rider casually tosses their $15,000 bike into a ditch like garbage.


I've been following every stage for several years now. It's been pretty boring this year, with none of the favorites having the guts to attack (those little 50m sprints then zig-zags by little Schleck don't count). Plateau de Beille was one of the most boring MTF stages in years. I hope it picks up a little more in the Alps.


YAY for my fellow tour fans!!

Im watching it now, they are about to start the final climb and team BMC are making a mini breakaway from the petalon, and chasing the front pack!

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I was getting a bit bored to see no one attacking at all. Today has been a bit different.

I'm pretty excited for tomorrow. Here come the Alps! Gap should not be as tough as Galibier or Alpe D'huez. And hopefully we'll get to see more breakaways.

Will Voeckler's legs be strong enough to hold onto the yellow jersey? Tomorrow should be his big test.


I have it DVR'd so I can't wait... :slight_smile:

And no, Voeckler will not survive!


IMO its Evans' tour to lose. He's up on Contador and the other riders aren't great at the time trial.


Absolutely love it. I think Evans will win, which is fine by me though I really wanted Levi to get it. So long as Contador loses. Also Thor is fricken amazing.


What a great effort by Schleck.
I was hoping Cadel could of chased him down, but that was looking less likely by the second on the last climb.

The time trial is going to be epic.

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Been following the tour since LeMond in'83 : ) What Schleck did today was phenominal. Hopefully he can do the same on the Alpe ! This is going to be a close one...Do not cry for Contador as he won what could be argued the hardest grand tour ever back in May at the Giro d' Italia. Keep training Strong(er) !


Im watching stage 19 live now!!
Contador has just attacked!!! What does he think his doing??

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I'm sad about Contador. He'll do better today hopefully. I can't believe Voeckler is still holding onto that yellow jersey. Someone leaves him behind already! I want to see him fail. I have enough of the hype.

Go Evans or any of the Schleck bros!


I'd love Voeckler to hold it but it's not likely to happen. This is turning out to be a good stage, looks like Evans is managing to track down Contador/Schleck. Also, what happened to Frank Schleck? I missed the first part of this, did he just stick with the peloton? Seems kind of odd.


Didn't have it in his legs. Tried to go with them and couldn't. All coming together on the decent now though.


Someone gets the locals out of the road, please! They're gonna cause someone to crash a la Lance Armstrong...

And go Contador!