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Tour Bike Crash Photos


I'm sure everyone has seen the video of the car bumping a rider during the tour. Check out the aftermath photos! Ouch!


Holy FUCK that would kill


I've been watching the tour on Versus. Absolutely disgraceful what that driver did.

edit: this is the first time I actually paid attention to the tour, I have a newfound respect for these guys.


Two of the guys in the crash are still riding. Including the guy in the fence.


Yeah I saw that.

Second time on this tour that a car had caused this kind of thing.

Johnny Hoogerland was quite emotional when shown the replay of the accident. He was very thankful he was still alive.

Some of the crashes on the tour are quite frightening. Feel bad to see some of the favourites dropping out of the competition due to broken collarbones.


Haven't watched the vid, but saw on the news.. did you see the guy getting fixed by the doctor on the motorbike?! It was ridiculous!




S&M is some serious shit.


Any retribution for the driver of that car??




^ Thats weak, they need to beat his ass at least.


I am not sure why people would blame the driver? He swerved to avoid a tree, if he had hit the tree the damage would have been far worse imo. I mean no one was killed so I think he did the right thing. This is coming from the clip I saw on PTI it appeared if he hit the tree he would have been launched out of control into the bikers. Should he have not been on the road in the first place?


Yup. They were traveling at 60km/h when they hit the fence/ crashed. Barbwire at 60km/h fuck that!


The car, attempting to overtake the five-man stage-winning break, ignored radio orders to allow the team cars through to provide bottles and, after driving along the left-hand grass verge, side-swiped Team Sky's Juan Antonio Flecha after swerving to miss a tree.

Read more: http://www.roadcyclinguk.com/racing/crash-driver-expelled-from-tour-de-france/7028.html#ixzz1RvZy0F76


I just saw the clip, didn't know that was the case. That sucks


That looked like a very well timed and placed acceleration/swerve and extraordinarily poor sportsmanship. I hope that who ever is behind that is caught and punished.

But credit where credit is due- Those dudes are extremely tough.


Uh, why the fuck do they let cars out there in the first place?



If for news film footage, you'd think in these modern times a high vantage point and good camera could do it remotely.

No other type of wheeled race would allow press cars on the track or course.


Its France that should be explanation enough.


Well the car that caused the crash was with the press and in no way should have been that close to the riders on a road like that. However their are things in racing that a "high vantage point" wouldnt show for shit

Also most of the cars arent with the press. Team cars provide food,water,bikes,parts,strategy (think of them as pitlane on wheels) and medic cars/ race personel need to be right behind the peloton/ break at all times for obvious reasons.