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Toughnuts Log

howdy i decided to go ahead and do a log so that i can really see what all im doing and eating and what i need to change. if yall wanna critique go ahead i would appreciate any advice yall got.

ill start out by telling yall what i wanna achieve in the broad scope of things. i wanna get a bigger back, and after i get that i wanna get down to a lean 205. i feel like my back is the weakspot on my body, and i wanna change that.

i am currently 212 lbs, and not sure of my BF%. i am coming right off a fractured knee joint so i havent been really hitting legs so that i can get a little recovery time but im beginning to amp it up a little bit at a time.

my lifts are 285 bench no squat for a while because of the knee being messed up. incline 225 cleans 300.

today was a pretty great workout, i decided to workout bout an hour and a half before the cowboys game so i was pretty motivated to get it done and keep the weights moving.

1x10 135 for warmup
1x6 225
3x5 315

seated rows
4x8 120 lbs

4x burnout

3x8 120 lbs

little bit of core work after that for about 15 minutes

my meals for the day went a little like this

breakfast 11 a.m.
peanut butter toast 2 slices
1 liter of water

pre workout snack 1 p.m.
couple of spoons of peanut butter
2 scoops superpump 250 in 1 liter water

post workout 315 p.m.
2 scoops superpump 250 in 1 liter water
2 scoops Biotest protein in 3 scoops lo fat vanilla yogurt
broiled chicken a little bit ater that

some more of the broiled chicken

whelp ima go watch some home improvement and get ready for the workout and school tomorrow