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Toughest Gyms?


ive trained all over but,one gym that stands out is westside barbell.Very intense and not for the softies out there.Training and picking the right equipment and important.Louie Simmons by far is the smartest man when it comes to training.Equipment i like to use at his gym are the reverse hyper totally awesome for sprinters.seif propelled tredmill is a sweet piece for the hip flexors and also the plyo swing ,can you say explosive.Newtons second law force equals mass x aceleration totally fits ths piece of equipment.Sled drags for some serious gpp training and 5 to 10 min non sotp power cleans,no joke its insane.

TO Really take your training to the next level you have to have the right atmosphere.Your not going to get it at the glamarios gyms like la fitness or the ymca.Also another gym if you ever get the chance to hit up Franklin, Ohio (mvwc) miami valley weight lifting club ,gym looks like a big two car garage that was built back in 1979 and still has alot of the same old equipment that was built by old armco steel workers.The gym is blue collar and no chicks are welcome.The gym is simple , rough, but very effective.Chalk is welcome,loud music and the dress code is nothing pretty,put some dip in spit in the corner scream as loud as you can and slam the weights.Sounds scarry to you softies but thats training.


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I been wanting to check it out....




Doesnt really matter what gym you go to if you dont know how to train. Yes those gyms are more "hardcore," but if you're no where near your potential of muscle mass or low bodyfat. What use is it to train there. Also if you cant lift at least 1x your body weight in the big three, i'm pretty sure you'll get laughed at regardless of what gym you go to.


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I'mma let you finish but the toughest gym of all time is METAL GYM in Helsinki.


Where is this gym mate? I have family in Helsinki and go there once a year.


No chicks? Sounds like that one gym caught the gay.


my gym is down by the river. it's pretty tough.


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how many world class powerlifters has the mental facility put out?I will put money on it westside has more record holders than any gym in the world.And by the way you have to be invited to go to westside.


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If you need a certain atmosphere to "help" your training, you're doing something wrong. Unless they mislabel their stuff for effect, 45 pound plates are 45 pounds of weight whether they are in an abandoned warehouse full of sweaty bodybuilder types or a nice cushy gym with good looking ladys walking around.




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you just dont get it.i can train any were it dosent have to be a certain place all im saying is the mood when you walk in to these gyms are intense.


No they aren't, this is a thread about Westside.


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