Toughening Up My Hands

My hands really hurt when I do deads or hold anything heavy in my hands. It’s not the muscles in my hands, it is the skin; I do a lot of work with my blockbuster and have started doing some RT deadsas well as extendor work. what type of things can I do to help my hands?

okay i got a couple of options for ya:

a. refine your grip - you could be holding the bar in such a way that it is rolling in your plam. so try a different position and maybe even a hook grip.

b. lighten weight & boost grip strength - your problem could be that your grip is not sront enough to keep the bar still (still meaning not rubbign against your skin). to defeat this lighten the load for a while and read Waterbury’s “old school grip training” and Thibadeau’s “keep your chin up” for how to improve grip.

c. If the a bove fail then learn to SUCK IT UP BIG BOY! your hands may toughen with time and the pain will subside so put up with it for now.

Good luck buddy

Wait! Your hands will toughen up eventually. I had this problem whenever I did rowing camps (40km/day of rowing after a couple of months off ripped huge chunks of skin off my hands), but my hands toughened up fairly quickly.

I have the same problem, well kinda. When my caluses get big and nasty and ache, I scrape them off with a pumice stone. That usually helps with the soreness. You can buy a pumice stone at any drugstore.


Thanks for the tip; my calluses are the part that hurts. I never thought I would use a pumis stone…I wonder if they have a manly pumis stone?