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Tough to Cheat...



Lean Meats.

Flax Seeds.

Protien Shakes.

-And repeat.

Last night:

Pasta with alfredo sauce, meatballs bread sticks, and a beer. A well deserved cheat meal. Not too extravigant or over the top.

Felt absolutely toxic afterwards. Bloated, nauseaus, sweaty, and gross.

Happens whenever I stray from clean meal preparations to the point where I don’t feel like cheating anymore, since I know how I’ll feel afterward.

Anyone else have these issues?


Every time I eat blueberries, my coccyx hurts.

Oh shit, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I eat clean 95% of the time (every couple weeks I’ll have a few beers or pizza or something). I always regret it. I bloat, I feel naseous, sweaty, everything. At this point, my body gets angry at me if I don’t feed it six times a day, with reasonably mild-tasting, nutritious food. Fillers, preservatives, and ESPECIALLY simple carbs absolutely kill me.

Yup it happens. Just the other night Pasta, garlic bread, and icecream. Couldnt sleep all night was sweating and heart racing, veins popping all damn night. But hey it was good stuff and I nailed a DL PR the next day.

Its one of the draw backs I suppose to eating healthy and smart we have adverse reactions to what now has become the staple foods of an obese society.

Not a bad thing IMO makes me not want to cheat even more so as I can sleep damn it.