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Tough Times..

Hey all… 18 pounds down now… started at 212 now at 194…
I’ve been eating a lot better and I do 3 hrs of cardio per week (hour a day, 3 days a week, other days are for resting and outside activities)

but I’m not seeing it
I FEEL IT, but I am generally confused as to why its not visibly apparent… Its like my midsection has bloated outwards since I started (that or I lost a ridiculous amount of chest and arm fat creating some sort of illusion)

I have lost a lot of fat, and I can tell in my overall fitness that its helping… But… doesn’t fat also come off visibly?

My buddy, who is in the marine corps, weighs 196… He looks way leaner than I do, and he is by no stretch of the imagination, in as good of shape as me

Sorry, this might be emotional drought but I seriously am getting pissed. I’m not going to quit, but halfway to my goal and not noticing any differences its getting upsetting

How tall are you? What is your diet like?

[quote]theuofh wrote:
How tall are you? What is your diet like?[/quote]

I am 5’11.5 (so I call it 6)

I eat oatmeal and a fruit for breakfast, I eat lean meats and some fruits for lunch (about 1000 cals worth)… My diet is protein/carb balanced (according to fitday). My natural fats are lacking, but I eat a lot of nuts and what not. I drink a lot of water, and I’m never dehydrated. I eat salads with nearly every dinner. I have 4 to 5 meals a day, evenly spaced out. I don’t get unnecessary sauces (mayo and the likes) with the food I eat. My caloric intake is roughly 2300 a day. I have a job now so I will be purchasing some protein powder from Biotest. I’m only getting like 140-160g of protein a day so that should help.

I can squeeze out an hour of well paced cardio at 165 Heart Rate constant or do High Intensity Interval Training for 30 minutes at about 150 low to 175 high… I am in good shape but I can’t see it… Bothersome, really

I am just overall lost with this whole thing and I’m losing the mental momentum to keep chugging on as hard as I’ve been

what does your lifting routine look like?

Hey man! No need to get down on yourself - you’ve lost 18 pounds! In addition, you seem to be more educated about what you are doing than a lot of people. Your diet could always use some more tweaking, however. Look up articles by John Berardi; he will lay out everything you need.

As far as your training goes, you NEED to lift some weights. This will do much more for you than you think. It will jack up your metabolism… More muscle = easier fat loss. Lifting will also do exactly what you want- you want to SEE a difference. There are PLENTY of articles on this site - look at the stickies in this forum. (Don’t think “I don’t want to get big” - you won’t get big, but you’ll look and feel a helluva lot better.)

Lifting weights is your answer. Now get excited about it!

I do lift weights

I don’t have a lot of time after my cardio (gym closes earlier than I’d like it to

Every day to stretch I do 8 to 10 pullups real quick to get the energy going… start my cardio.

cardio ends:

Mon- Biceps, Triceps, Traps
Tues- Lats, Sides, Abs
Wed- Rest
Thurs- Calves, Hips, Thigh
Fri- Chest, a lot of stretching on my sore muscles, lower back, deadlifts…

I do 10x3 for every workout, I do fast sets on weight slightly below my max… my favorite is seated row… damn you feel good after those.

You might try putting your weights before your cardio, and doing some intervals or slow cardio after your workout. I’ve been doing total body sessions with 5 x 500 meter + 1 min rest rower intervals as a finisher. It takes about 15 min. and I am pretty finished after it.

I’m trying to lose some weight too. I’m getting pretty damn sick of it as well. I’m not seeing the strength progression I would like to be seeing in my lifting, and I am attributing to the lower calories.

You could also try adding some more volume. I do one day total body plus rower intervals, one day jump rope, one day rest. Two days on, one day off. It might make the weight come off faster. My jump rope sessions are only about 30 min as well, so that leaves me time to take care of dishes, laundry, work, and other trivialities.

But like dharmabum said, you are losing weight and if you stay with it, you will only have to lose a bunch of it once. Even if you do bulk up and add more fat than you would like, at least you will have learned to diet back down.

If you’re going to do 10x3, do compounds. It will boost your metabolism more then the exercises you’re doing now. Waterbury gives exercise choices in his program for a reason. I’d be willing to bet that you’d see better progress following his program exactly, which has two days of total body training, then if you keep doing your current workout. Good luck, I’m down to 200 from 218, so you aren’t the only one.

Also realize that if you are losing fat without having alot of lean mass then when you drop that weight, you will just look like a smaller flabby version of your previous self.
It is not a bad idea to drop some fat off your frame before you try to add on mass, but don’t forget without that mass you wont look drastically different in the mirror, unless you were previously obese or seriously overweight, which 212 is not for your height.

This is being discussed in the T-Cell


might give you some ideas or better yet, the realization that losing weight is a long, difficult journey. Persistence and determination is the key.

This is the main point I wanted you to see.


[quote]"This is one problem I see with a lot of people attempting a body transformation: they do too much too soon. They set their caloric intake at a super low level from the start, perform tons of cardio, and use all the fat loss supplements known to man. They lose fat fast, but eventually the body will adapt and they’ll stop progressing.

Where can they go now? They can’t cut calories even more without risking muscle loss, they can’t add more training without interfering with that little thing called life, and they don’t have any more fat burners to add to their arsenal. Bottom line: they’re stuck!

We all want fast results. Fat loss if a very emotional issue; we want to be lean ASAP. But you must realize that the ones who will reach their goal are the ones who can progress for the longest period of time. And that requires doing the minimum necessary to get the job done and only adding things in as progress stops. In other words, gradually cut calories, increase cardio, and add supplements, but only as needed."[/quote]

One thing that has worked very well for me lately is switching up the type of cardio I am doing on a regular basis - I supplement 3 full body workouts per week with everything from uphill walking @ 3.5mph for 30 minutes, to HIIT (2 min walking with 30 seconds of sprinting for about 7-10 rounds of it @ 12% grade), to steady running for 20 minutes a pop.

Keep the body guessing!