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Tough Time...


i need motivation. i have lost some loved ones over the last year. i know how to grieve and feel i have been dealing with these persoanl losses in a healthy fashion. but earlier this month, my best friend's father past away suddenly, alibiet peacfully. i cant cope with this, it rakes my mind all the time. i am in no way asking for sympathy or pity because it is not my loss, it is my friend's.
but this pain and anger i feel kills my training, i have lost a degree of intensity and i am begining to feel like working out is so frivolous.
does anyone have anything motivational to read or watch or to which i can listen?
anything will be appreciated...


Sorry for the tough time bro...Just remember that this too shall pass.

One thing that motivates me to stay in the gym no matter what is watching the movie Pumping Iron. Even if it's just ten minutes or so to get me going, it works. I'm not sure if that's the kind of thing you're looking for but watching it sure as hell works for me.


Beat me to it.

Remeber time heals all wounds. As mucha as training may seem pointless now just think of how much it is helping you. For example, if you weren't training what would you be doing? Probably dwelling on your friends loss. Hang in there and this too shall pass.


I'm often inspired by movies to get my training going.

Pumping iron was a good suggestion, but my favorite is Rocky.

I recently purchased the Rocky box set and just watched Rocky 3 last night. At one point in the movie Apollo shouts at Rocky "THERE IS NO TOMORROW" to get him focused on his training - I just wanted to pause the movie and go to the gym!

Yeah, I'm cheesy, but you have to find what revs you up.


thanks guys...
and for the record, dont let anyone say ROCKY 3 is cheesy! in 4, when he is training in the wilderness, that gets me pumped!


Some of TC's Atomic Dogs got me through some hard times, check them out.


I wasn't allowed to work out for about 6 months, 6 weeks of that being on crutches, and the rest of it being told by the doctor that if i did work out, and tear my knee up again, it would be worse that it was before the surgery. Now that I'm released I think back to how much it sucked being on 1 leg, and how lucky I am to be on 2 now. It might sound like working out is frivolous when there are people out there that are permanetly on crutches or in wheel chairs, but I think that it would be a bigger shame to waste the use of my athletic ability by not working out.


My Dad died on 9/11 in the World Trade Center towers when I was in 7th grade. Granted I was in 7th grade, and puny, I wasnt very informed when it came to lifting or nutrition... or anything else for that matter. What I had learned at a rather young age was that many people take life for granted. Since then, I have learned much about lifting, nutrition, etc...

I think you should obviously grieve as anyone would, but I think you can also get alot more out of it. "It" being that you can be thankful for life and its privileges, instead of taking it for granted.

Dont worry, things will get much better. Time heals all.


Rocky 3 and 4 had THE best training montages ever.

Sorry to hear about your year. If there's one thing I can tell you, it's this: try to remember that these people loved you as much as you loved them, and would want you to be going on with your life and living it to the fullest. Honor the by giving everything (including your trainging) 100%.

Hope that helped a bit