Tough Time Adding Weight to Squat (Hips?)

This is a 5lb pr for me but I’m having some very peculiar Valgus that does not seem to want to fix itself. I’ve been stuck at this weight for some time, and while I feel strong enough to squat more, my hips do not. This weight felt incredibly light, not as a max effort should feel. I’m having a real tough time with this. Any suggestions?
Video attached

That is pretty whacky man. Don’t know that I can diagnose exactly what’s going on… my guess would be your butt and hamstrings aren’t very strong, so the knees swoop in so you can rely on the quads to move the weight. But you also have that whacky tilt, which might speak to some core weakness or crazy imbalances. in your legs/hips - either one is way weaker, or way tighter than the other.

My advice first and foremost would be to take your stance in. You squat fairly wide and deep. If you brought your stance in, it would be harder for your knees to swoop in so far, so you’re less likely to snap your knee up with dat collapse. You’d be able to rely on your quads more without so much form breakdown, and being a little closer might give you a little more pop out of the hole with how deep you go. You might be able to squat more right off the bat. And then, of course, you should use assistance werk to bring up your weaker musculature and work on form.