Tough question on hGH and steroids

I am in a pinch for time, but I am curious if anyone knows a way to defend that hGH is NOT a steroid legally and scientifically. I have a friend who barely had enough hGH for trafficing, but NY law says hGH is not a controlled substance. Legally it would be defensible, but they are trying to set a precedent to change the law I think. Can anyone help? Does anyone know of any good resources to argue that hGH is not a steroid?

bump for help or advice for a friend?

You’re right…it’s not a Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid, but it is still a hormone that is a scheduled drug for prescription ONLY. No way to argue on this one

It is not a steroid hormone. It is a peptide hormone (composed of a chain of amino acids). Steroid hormones are composed of a cholesterol base. Very different.

Look at any basic biochemistry text book for more clarification.

But by all appearances Tren-Freak is right and your friend is f*cked.

Call Rick Collins

Thanks Archaic. I’ll pass along this info. I’m far too busy to do the studying myself unfortunately with working full time, running a business, adminning another board, taking care of a kid, trying to move, and trying to have some semblance of a social life. Schiezer! When did life become so hectic? Thanks for the help though.