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Tough Mudder


Any of you guys doing this?

I am hitting the one up April 9th in Allentown, PA


brother in law did it couple months ago in DC (i believe)... seemed pretty challenging him and his buddies finished under 3 hours...


Here's a link for those like me who didn't previously know: http://toughmudder.com/

It does sound like some fun, but no way i can run for more than 5 or 6 miles at this time. And I don't mean 9:12PM!


There is one coming this year apparently...as soon as it does I am in.




Wife did the spartan and she has us signed up for the warrior in March. I will probably be dead after that, please send money for my funeral.


I'm just waiting for the Tough Mudder WA state pre-registration to come out so I can sign up for that. Already added in a couple of cardio/running days, since there is no way I could normally run for two to three hours straight.

Just for comparison-
Tough Mudder: a 7 mile run with ~19 obstacles along the way. Average times are around 2.5 hours.
Warrior Dash: a 3 mile run with ~10 obstacles along the way. Average times are around 35 minutes.


I did the warrior dash last year with a bunch of friends. Its not bad. Its only a 5k and the obstacles are pretty weak (fun but not super challenging)

You'll be ok uncle DJHT :slight_smile:


^ I have been PL'ing for the past year and a half, no cardio. I am now going to Crossfit with my wife on Saturdays and if we get some warm weather push my prowler during the week. However I really do NOT see myself getting into any cardio shape to do this. BUT I need to cause I am not getting any younger.


what!?!?! Crossfit! Say it isnt so :slight_smile:

Well the warrior dash will give you something to prep for. Its pretty sweet cause a lot of people dress up in funny costumes and you get a free beer at the end of the race. Awesome!


Also, there's usually a good bit of eye candy there, and (at least where I was, up in OR), the pond that they have to wash off afterward is FREEZING (its basically an extra obstacle), so its nipple city in there.

Anybody got some diamonds they need to cut? Bring em along.


^ Yes Crossfit, I figure one day a week will not make me grow a vagina and start wearing spandex every where I go. I need some cardio and its fucking cold outside right now. My knees cant take that shit.

As a side note the other night at twin peaks with the wife and two of her girlfriends. And this kid is sitting at a bar stool with Vibrams on. I couldnt help but laugh and point at him. Who the hell wears something like that out to a bar.


OOOh! OOOh!! That's where I live! Hooray for the PA contingency!!

Shucks, they are already sold out though. Guess I will have to settle for being a cheerleader. I'm actually totally fine with that.


I would be careful to monitor that situation closely... cause you neeeeeeeever know!


Man I will do whatever so I dont get beat by my own wife. Here is a picture of her throwing a spear at the Spartan race.


Are those people actually running through live tasers? Wow.

I actually thought you meant this when you you mention "mud".


As an example:


Well, look for a big guy that looks like this:


And when i pass, make sure you scream really loud for me!


For those interested, I have been writing workouts for a bunch of the guys I work with and myself who will be going.

If you are looking to prep, use these instead of crossfit. They will get you farther, I guarantee it!

Here is the link to the site where I am writing them...



^Alpha watch out for women throwing panties at you could make you trip. :slight_smile:


Then trip I shall my friend!