Tough Mudder - Toughest 1-Day Race

Anyone ever done this? I’m giving it a shot in May.

looks gruelling, I am gonna give the warrior dash a try first

That seems like a popular stepping stone. I might make an ass out of my self by jumping straight in to this, but it’s too late now…

[quote]veruvius wrote:

Anyone ever done this? I’m giving it a shot in May.[/quote]

To me it looks like a rip off of ToughGuy, a race held in Wolverhampton every January.

I did it this year for the first time. It was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life! So if that is similar, then it’ll be hard. Physically not too bad (if you’re in half decent shape), but mentally demoralizing and fucking cold!

Good luck

My old running buddy tied for first in this one. Took just under 12 hours. Looks like a good one.

OP, training or just winging it? Either way, good luck.

I’m doing it with a bunch of my friends…

For weight training, I’m doing the Built Like a Badass Program, which is allowing me to still make strength gains while also getting my ass kicked by the finishers.

For conditioning, I’m doing BW circuits, kettlebell conditioning, distance running for time (I will not go over 3 miles however) and some sprints. Eventually I will add in some bear crawls and swimming.

I keep in good shape all year, so I really just have to up my stamina. Some of my friends have a lot further to go than me but it should be a fun challenge, and hopefully a nice day!

Anyone else want to chime in on their prep and training?

I was looking to run in this but the race is sold out. Does anyone have an extra spot or know where I could find one?


I just preregistered for 2011 Miami. If I’m not in the Marines by then I’ll go for this. Looks like fun to me.

Can I ask, how do you all find races of this nature. Is there a name for these fartlek / gauntlet style races?