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Tough Guys


one thing that amuses me is when a cheese ball gets on the juice and sudenly grows a set of balls. then when he gets off he just goes back to being a pussy.
i did steroids years ago, although i get accused of being "on" all the time (which i consider a tremendous compliment).
just my rant


p.s. work on some new material






Material for what? Please don't say stand-up comedy. Where's the punch? All I see is set up.




Hey! What's the deal with those airline peanuts!?



But, seriously, folks: try the test. Be sure to tip your trainers!


and how about these guys on steroids? have you seen this? have you heard about this?


thanks for the solid info on cheese balls using AAS...

do you have any wisdom to share about what happens when meat balls use AAS?

what about ping-pong balls?

or perhaps snowballs?


I'd personally like to know about mouse balls, no not MICE but the thing you surf porn with, any advantage I can get in surfing porn is a huge plus.