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Tough Guys

Check out Men’s Journal’s list of tough guys.


I know, I know, “MEN’S JOURNAL??!!!”. Stop the screaming and read the article.

i have got to question the logic of them putting mel gibson in the list. he only pretends to be a tough guy for large sums of money. maybe he is tough, but not in the top 20.
and tyler hamilton instead of lance armstrong!?!

Didnt know McCain was such a tough bastard!!

Um excuse me…I’m not a gearhead by any stretch but where the hell is Lance on this list?

TOUGH GUYS-The Fire Fighters running INTO to the World Trade Center on 9/11,when everyone else was running OUT.Now,those were tough guys! !!

I gotta agree with the earlier post. How the hell does Mel Gibson rate this list with THESE GUYS? There are some genuine bad asses here and this guy is a fucking movie star for gods sake. Just cause he got drunk and got his ass kicked in a bar doesn’t make him a tough guy.

These lists are meant to sell magazines. Although I must state that I agree with putting Matt Hughes (UFC fighter) on the list.

Yeah, I disagree with lists of tough guys. A few on the list deserve it, but actors, sportsman, stuntment and martial artists ain’t really up there.

Not just the firefighters of 9/11, but any firefighter or police office or any everyday citizen that puts their life on line for someone else would be more deserving. Instead we put on the list people paid millions to play a sport, or famous because their stupid enough to jump off a cliff on a bike. Not exactly my idea of courage, or tough.

i agree with nights. the real “tough guys” are people we have never heard of. they are people who probably recieve very little recognition for what they do and they couldn’t give a damn about being on some stupid list.

Sure Matt Hughes deserves to be on the list but he was just schooled and choked out by BJ Penn. in the 1st round.

Insert Lance, keep Favre, and the rest should be MMA fighters. voila.

I would nominate former T-Man of the Year Pat Tillman. To read about this guy search for “The Making of A Modern Hero” in the search engine.

what about that poor bastard that cut his arm off with a dull knife after a boulder fell on it and had him pinned? i heard it took over an hour to cut through all the muscle and tendons before he could even begin chipping away at the bone. can’t remember his name, but that takes more toughness than being a fucking actor or senator.

For the people bagging on Mel Gibson, if you knew anything about the guy you would know he’s not exactly a “sissy”. The only reason he even ever got a break into movies was because of his audition for Mad Max. He came in with bruises and cuts all over his face and body from a barfight he had been in the night before down in good ol’ Aussie. The CD(s) thought he fit perfectly, and the rest is history. What other movie star can say that’s how they got their first role?

P.S. I’m not ignorant enough to believe that getting into barfights makes you a “bad ass”. I just think it’s kind of a cool story, nothing more, nothing less.

Okay, now I see that I kind of missed tinman’s post. But I guess mine clarifies what he was talking about a little bit. Either way, I guess it all depends on your definition of “tough guy”. I think most people would agree that Clint Eastwood is a “tough guy” (he is in my book, anyway), but to the same tune of the Mel Gibson argument, what has he really done outside of movies that would make him so? I think certain character’s that some actors play in movies can be inspirational and even influential in many people’s lives. That’s what is so great about movies for me. Most actors (ones that have the luxury to choose, anyway) take a role because they see something in it that they believe in or identify with. So, for me anyway, I think it is perfectly reasonable to call an actor a “tough guy”. Feel free to disagree.


Fair enough. I disagree! Your claim that because movie star tough guys can inspire you does not mean that they are tough guys. Someones Mother can inspire them, does that make her a tough guy?

By the way I agree with your point about Mel Gibson. I think that there are some actors who are genuinely tough. I imagine Sly Stallone is no pushover either mentally or physically. Arnold is another. There are more.

All I have to say is STEVE YZERMAN.

Hmm, well Zeb I kind of look at it this way…if my mom was in a movie going around whoopin’ some ass and it inspired me to be a little bit tougher, then hell yeah she’d be a “tough guy” in my book!! lol. Seriously, though you do make a good point. But to my defense, I was referring to the roles they play specifically not just the fact that they are inspirational. There’s a million different ways to be inspirational (well, maybe that’s stretching a bit but work with me here). People can be inspired to be more helpful to others, more forgiving, do better at school/work…it goes on and on. As for the roles that people like Sly, Clint, and Mel (usually) play, they just make me want to be a little bit “tougher” (which probably means something different from person to person, anyway). Feel free to disagree…again :slight_smile:


Lance Armstrong should definitely be on the list, or else they should have titled the article, “New Tough Guys” since he’s been an established tough guy.

That Hamilton kid definitely knuckled up during last years TDF. A broken collar bone! C’mon dude, that’s some T-man type shit right there.

You have to add Joe Simpson to the list as well, he’s the climber who was stranded in the Andes with a broken leg after his partner cut away from him and left him for dead. The guy creeped seven miles back down the mountain and still breathes today. This story is featured in “Out of the Void” an English documentary.



When you put it that way…yea…okay. That makes sense.