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Tough Guy - USA T-Team?


Have you heard of it.

Its barmy. Run through fire, under water, barbed wire, climb up and down hills. thousands enter, hundreds get hypothermia!

What about a T-Team from the US.


You need to see it in film. about 5 k, but hell.

They do a summer version, but the winter one is more popular!?!


wtf lol


They do that in JANUARY?!?!! Those guys are some tough sum'bitches or just really fucking stupid!


I liked this one: "Tough Guy Extreme Electric Bite

Standing in a barrel of ice water you grab with both hands a cattle electric fence then bite the wire with teeth. You should find the muscle spasms and convulsion warming"


This looks fantastic. I would love to train for something like this. That would be brilliant.

"Advanced Water Torture - The Car Wash

After a really tough beasting session you can be a bit dirty so this discipline is ideal since it kills two birds with one stone, toughens you up and gives you a good clean and wheel wax (Top progam only). Simply lie face up on the bonnet of your car and get the wife to drive you through the local car wash.

Get sponsored for number of mouthfuls of soapy water!"

And the money goes to charity. Sounds great.


The guy had a farm and one year started doing the race. From there it has become legendary. People do it every year.

The first guy through the water had to smash the ice as he waded chest deep through it.

Anyone mention health and safety!


A little of both.

I knew someone who came second, which i was impressed at. You get all sorts doing it, from accomplished runners to pub teams.

Top guts do it in about 1 and a half hours, others 4 or so.

I would sit in the fire field and warm