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I'm going to take part in this event in 2007. Anyone here taken part before? Anyone have any ideas about how to train for it? There is a training section on the site, but it seems to written very tongue-in-cheek.







hi there,

to be perfectly honest, I did not take part in it, although, I tried to get there but missed a deadline in, I think, 2001 - the time that for some reason I suffered from "Forrest Gump syndrome".

From you nick name, I guess that you do some martial arts. is that right?

how to train for it:
- whatever one says - it is STILL running event! Much tougher than an ordinary run, or even cross country run, but still run.
Therefore, you'll need to do "a bit" of it.
I'd say, you need to do 3 quality running sessions a week - 1 LDR - long distance run (also in wavy pattern, from 60-120 minutes - no need to do any longer), and 2 interval sessions including one "Fartlek", alternating it with hill work - I'd find a "tough ass" hill that will make you run for some 75-90 seconds and build it slowly from 4 to 10 x jogging/walking slowly down over the period of 6-8 weeks. than change for fartlek or other intervals, remembering to keep at least a few hills in your longer run (say on sunday).

Than, I'd say you need to do A LOT of ALL sorts of BODYWEIRGHT conditioning and bodyweight routines - one separate session dedicated to it, + some in your gym sessions and incorporated in the warm-ups sessions.

in addition couple of rather intensive but brief gym sessions using exclusively free weights: squats and variations, deads and variations, cleans, one are dumbbell cleans and snatches for high reps (these will make you F****ing tough) alternated with skipping rope or jogs... and other freakish methods to make you sweat.
Remember about chin-ups and pull-ups and all sorts of "crawly" movements (crocodile walk, spider walks, crabs, etc...) and various jumps and hops.

Well... too much to write just like this. . .
hope I covered all the major aspects of it

Try to put it all together, and... go for the bloody thing and make your mamma proud! get ready to get VERY dirty!

Good luck,

If need any help, let know!


Two of my mates did the Jan run. I'm planning on doing the Nettle Warrior in the summer.

The boys just trained by running. They come home in the middle of the pack at 3 and a half hours.


My brother did it last year or the year before, don`t quite remember.

Majority of his training was just running. He also used to get my dad spry him with the garden hose after his runs as part of the event requires wading through rivers.

As for the weights he had to be a little conservative with lower body stuff as he was doing so much running he didn`t have it in him to do anything too heavy.

Her kept up the upper body work as usual but put in some high rep stuff for grip, biceps and forearms as there was a little rope climbing involved throughout the event.


Hi all

I did Tough Guy Nettle Warrior in 2002!
Training if I can call it that was running based with some work in the gym. Completed the course in 3 hours 15 min.

BUT I am doing it in summer this year.
Training is completly different as want to knock of 30 - 40 mins off my time. So training is 40 % running and 60% gym work.

The best advice is that it is a tough one to do, but if you want to finish well you will need to increase the upper body strength by a serious amount. Plus you need to have a fast start in the run as it is busy and gets crowded.

Get to the gym talk to a personal trainer and see what they reccomend, myself gym 4 times a week plus running on the days between.


I agree with you on most points . . . however, this point about talking to PTs is somewhat, well... how would I put it? Missed!!