Tough Enough 2

Anyone catch Tough Enough 2 last night on MTV? I’m not much on wrestling or reality TV but this is a damned cool show. Catch it this week if you missed it.

I saw it…great show!

those competitors have a lot of guts, and they’re also getting a chance of a lifetime.

It was a great show but it seemed a little short. The first one was an hour and this one was like half an hour w/ long commercial breaks.

Yea, the show is pretty bad ass. It shows you what the wrestlers have to go through and that it is all not fake. That one guy on there is one big,ripped sob.

I think its interesting when you see the fat people that just sit around watching wrestling eating chips trying out.

anyone have any picks for the first to be eliminated?
i go with aaron, i think hes the one that got taken out by ambulance

I missed episode 2 but will try to catch it today. I have no idea why that little Ally McBeal (sp?) chick made it. She’s cute and has a great personality for TV but she’ll be crushed! I think the fireman with the funny hair will win the whole thing. Then again, the guy last year with the best build and good skills quit at the end to be with his girlfriend. So you never know.

That guy from last year quit at the beginning. I think he one of the first to go. That is if you are talking about that guy that looked like a bodybuilder.

The guy who should have won last year was Josh, that 19 year old kid. He was the most motivated and won at like every competition, he was just young…They could have developed him into something unstoppable. Maven’s a pussy.

Wow, in one episode one dude falls over with a heat stroke (or whatever) and one chick cries and almost quits. I’m still betting on the fireman. Wonder who they’re kicking off in #3? And I wonder why that one black guy didn’t pass his physical? And I wonder why I’m watching MTV for the first time in 6 years? :slight_smile:

MTV is pussy…I wish they would all die. I remember back when they actually used to play music. Fuck those pussies, unless it’s music, it don’t matter.