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Touchy Subject


i noticed that most of you hate it when some one does curls in a squat rack.now im not gonna lie and say ive used it exclusively for squats but i have noticed one thing.whenever i warm-up for squats half the people in the gym look at me crazy(i think they wonder why i dont use a smith machine...i dont use it cause it takes some of the weight off and i busted my ass since you have to do it at an angle)and when i put over 200lbs on it their jaws smack the floor.granted i go to golds gym and most of the people thier are never doing free weight,but is this the same response you get at your gym?


A lot of people squat at my gym, but it's usually only me and my buddies who actually go to parallel.


You should see the looks me and my training partner get when we hook up bands or chains to the bar doing squats and bench. then they ask what are those different thickness boards with handles for? the darkside taketh over


Yes, I get funny looks too. I don't do a lot of weight, but I go "ass to the grass" and at 6'4" I sometimes get close to the bottom of the rack with the bar.


My lifting partner and I are pretty serious about training legs, and get strange looks when we do Bulgarian split squats. His brother just said to me the other day "Your leg day is fucking insane." Of course I took it as a compliment.


Ha... Jean Pierre Fux trains at my gym (well, he trains people there) and his client today was nuts. He normally doesn't do the big lifts with his people but this guy was huge. They load up the bar and start doing heavy ass Deads, the weight hitting the ground and making a big clank. I got a kick out of it because no one else does those lifts in the gym.


Try doing Zercher or overhead squats if you want some really funny looks!!!


i dont mind when they use it,but im tired of seeing them bending their knees 10degrees with 250 walking away saying"im not tired at all".i jus wanna scream "its cause you're not doing a damn thing!"


Yeah... Most of the people who do leg presses load up like 10 plates on each side, bend knees like 4 inches and lift it back up... And then I get on and look all weak lifting 4 or 5. Its all good though. There is one guy who LOADS that shit up (11 on each side) and goes full down.


theres a 30+ guy who fills the sides and the top of the leg press and does them right....i bout crapped my pants...i can only do 4


What, like a 30 plus is too old and decrepid? Damn I'm a geezer.


Only two people at my gym do front squats that I've seen. Everytime I load 275 on there for front squats people come up and ask why do you do those and why are you going so far down and then when I tell them they usually give me an excuse that their knees hurt and they can't do that. I really didn't ask about you did I?


I feel your pain Rockscar. I'm an old fucker too, but its all good. I Can still throw the iron around HEAVY!!



haha,nah you didnt let me finish the story,his hot ass wife was next to him smiling....and i was smilin....but not for the same reason she was,lol


The question is...does SHE go "all the way down" ?


she doesnt have to man,she can get a guy to do it for her....she jus sits there in the one next to him watching him