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Touching story

Check out this link, it’s one of the most heart warming stories I’ve heard in years. http://xtremepaintballcanada.com/vancouver/forums/index.php?showtopic=1544&st=0

Wow, that is amazing. It’s stories like that, that give us all a little more faith in humanity. Thanks for the link.

This is amazing…
Reading the little boys responses actually made me cry…for the first time in 7 years, since my father died.
The way he deals with the knowledge that he has 6 months to live is just incredible.

Thank you for posting the link, American Muscle. I will keep reading and hoping that the kid pulls through.


Good link muscle, great story

If reading the story made you feel good, imagine how actually doing something like that would feel.

Then try it.


Great story. Lump in throat. Watery eyes. Poor young man. Very nice man. Me talk good. Me go now.
Thank you, American Muscle.

man, that’s just awesome

Wow. He’s like a modern-day Tiny Tim.

Dan “God Bless us, every one” McVicker

What a good kid. My prayers are with him.

it doesn’t work?