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Touching in a Metal Bash


My 2ply metal bash just came in today. This is my first experience in a shirt and I'm not sure if its going to be able to touch, much less what it will touch with. And in order to send it back, I would need to send it back unused. Anybody with experience in a 2ply shirt, were u able to pull your arms back with the shirt on and unjacked? I can draw my elbows back about two inches at best. Im considering trying to twoboard it tomorrow and then if it doesnt work, ill send it back. But that's just a huge risk in my book.


Send it back now. I love elitefts and Dave, but I have not read much that is good about their shirts. If you are dead set on metal, send it back and get a single ply shirt. I bought an titan f6 off ebay that was at least one size too big and still had problems touching with it. I think the katana is the single ply shirt to have right now.


Is this your first bench shirt?


Monopoly is giving some bonehead internet advice here. Sounds like your only experience with shirts is this loose F6, and you're giving out advice based on what you've read on the internet. How can you tell him how his Metal shirt is supposed to fit if you've never used any 2-ply shirt?

OP, not being able to retract your arms is completely normal. I don't think I can move my arms even 2 inches in my double Rage X, but I can touch 225 in that shirt.


Thanks, Publick. I'm going to bring it down to a 3 and hopefully a 2board today. if anything seems wrong, ill sell it on outlaws or something. I showed the fit to my training partner who has more experience in shirts than me and he said the fit looks right so i think its just a matter of playing with it and seeing what happens.


and monopoly, if i have all 2ply gear, why would i buy a single ply shirt? im planning on competing 2ply. not mixing and matching. im going to learn how to use the gear, not compromise.


so you have not even had weight in your hands and you cant bring your arms back? well... duh. thats the point. if you really start to have trouble touching, you can always wet the shirt in the chest to help lower it, and as it gets worn in it will become easier.

Also, make sure to really get a good arch and big air to help. But if the fitment proves to be a real issue, call elite and talk to them. As long as you leave it in perfect/sellable condition, I dont know why they would not take it back.

I own/use a Metal Bash.


Some bonehead internet advice? Lol. No, I am not a powerlifter and I have not used a Metal shirt. The reason I advised him to send back the Metal shirt is that I have not read much that is good about them. You don't see many big lifts hit in those shirts. Even guys that are sponsored by Elite don't like them. I think the exeption to this rule may be the new shirt they just came out with, more people are using that now and getting better results.

The reason I told him to get a single ply shirt is that the learning curve is shorter and they are eaiser to use/touch. Everyone that I asked told me to go single ply and I still read that.

Also, I gave no advice on how it should fit, I just mentioned my personal experience.


People are putting up big totals with single ply shirts. You said this was your first expierence with shirts and single ply stuff is eaiser to learn. You asked for input and I gave mine. You didn't like it which is fine. So, go buy the tightest multiply shirt you can squeeze yourself into and good fucking luck touching!


So, you have no experience with metal shirts and are not a powerlifter, yet you are giving advice based on your personal experience? What?

I've seen plenty of guys hit 600+ lb benches in metal shirts. Here is the thing about multiply powerlifting....it's more akin to top-fuel drag racing than 100m sprinting. The reason you see big benches done in Inzer shirts is because Inzer makes a 3 ply shirt with a 19 ply superneck and Metal does not. Saying that more big benchers use Inzer so therefore Metal must suck is kind of like saying since a Z06 Corvette doesn't run a 7 second quarter, it's slow as dirt. The 2-ply bash is a very popular shirt, otherwise Elite wouldn't be carrying it at its current price. The bash costs around $70-$100 more than the equivalent Inzer shirts and they are still stocking them and selling them at that price. Someone is buying them, and people continue to buy them and use them, so they have to be doing something right.

As for single ply being easier? The fuck are you talking about? Have you seen or used the new generation of single ply? There are guys on this website getting 200 lbs out of a single ply Katana. A good single ply shirt that fits the way it is supposed to is just as likely to be as unforgiving as a solid multiply shirt. Unless you compete single ply, then I see no reason to bother with the closed back monsters that Titan is making now.


No one can tell you if the Bash is the right shirt for you until you try it. I have bought or borrowed a dozen kinds of shirt before I found what works for me and I'm still looking for somethign better.

The Bash has a groove very similar to the Inzer Phenoms- the ideal place to touch is going to be low on the chest- but not real low. That also means that tucking real hard to touch low (like you would in a Rage X or a denim) will kill some of your speed off the chest. A few thoughts here:

-Get the shirt on all the way- get it seated in your armpits. If the shirt is riding too low in the pits, then it will bind up on your tri's, making it harder to touch.

-Practice good form. Set up with an arch. Get your weight on you toes. Pinch your shoulder blades together and get up your traps. When the weight is handed to you, let it settle for a second before you lower it. As you are bringing the bar down, force your belly up. Row the the weight into your chest.

-Work you your way down with boards. However, do not rely on just boards in a training cycle. Even a one-board feels a hell of a lot different than full range. Also don't just rely on heavy weight to make you touch. Try to get lighter weight down. For example:

Week 1- work up to a max triple off a three board; drop the weight and take a couple singles to a one board
Week 2- work up to a max double off a two board; drop the weight and take a coupel full range singles
Week 3- singles off 2, then 1, then full range, then 1, then 2- bund the the weight up 20 to 40 lb each set

-Reverse band work in a shirt is also good for learning to touch. The bands will fight you on the way down a little. But they also will hold bar in the groove- like a smith machine, but not as rigid.

Good luck!


Single ply stuff is easier to learn if you are talking about an old Inzer Blast or Titan Fury vs. a Super Duper Phenom.

If you want to compare similar levels of technology though, I'd say open back double ply shirts are more forgiving than the new Katanas that people are putting up those big single ply benches you're talking about in.


To everybody, thank you for the input. A few things about my situation: I asked scott yard if i should go singly ply first or go double ply. his reply was that with all the new technology, a lot of the support is nearly identical. So why buy single ply to go buy doulbe ply a few months later?

Anyway, he recommended the bash to me and thats what i went with. I just wasnt prepared for just how much support it really was going to give me. Ill be benching with it for a while and seeing how it goes. if it doesnt go, ill sell it and chalk it up to experience lol. thanks again. im pumped about being in a shirt tonight.


Man, I never said they sucked. I said if you had a choice on what shirt to buy, I would go with another shirt. EliteFTS is a marketing machine. They sell stuff to make money, period. They have been around and people trust their advice. Any time someone asks a question on what shirt to get over there the answer is almost always "single ply bash". Like they are going to recommend another shirt?

I'm getting out of here. Thankfully, Pinto, as usual, has some great advice so that should help out the OP.


You did say that you hadn't read much good about them and that there weren't many big benches put up in Metal shirts. Same difference.

You are right, they sell stuff to make money, so why would they continue to be able to sell their supposedly inferior shirt at $70-$100 more than the competition if the shirt sucked and no one (as you implied) was making it work for them?

Anyways, the issue is that you are giving advice about something that you have no actual knowledge of based soley on your perception of "the way things are" from a website.

That makes your advice the aforementioned "bonehead internet advice".


The owner of my gym exclusively uses Metal, he's (I think Current) WPC and BPC Masters Champion @ 67.5 and 75kg bodyweights. Bench Press only.

I kid you not he has tried every bench shirt on the market and his favourites are a toss up between the Metal ACE and the Bash. Got a WR in each of these shirts in comp. Hell, I even have his old Viking Presser that he bought and used for one press before Metal sent him his ACE. (I know its Single Vs Multi there...)

I love my Viking shirt, first time I used it I got 50lbs out of it, the first time I was even in a shirt! When I learn the shirt properly I reckon i'll be getting close to 100lbs, maybe more out of it.


well the bench session went well. not perfect, but well. I found the groove to be easy to find and worked 335 to within one board of my chest. im still getting used to tucking hard when the shirt binds up but it went well. just gotta work on setting up tight and staying that way.


shit it may be single ply but titan shirts are one helluva hard shirt, especially the katanas. the titan F6 that I have (right size too btw) is alot more forgiving than the katana, and it is still hard. I think all shirts have their likes and dislikes in their own ways, but BJJ have fun in the bash and good luck in your meet in october. And if you havent done much board work, I would say to do alot of 4&3 board presses for around 4 or 5 weeks and then move to a 2 board. Miguel Reulan (big single ply 165er) and Horace Lane (if you dont know him, just leave mmmkay) dont even do alot of 1 board work till 2 weeks out from the meet. Thats the route that Im taking, Im not moving down to a 2 board till around november, (4 or 5 shirt bench workouts from now for me.)


If you got 335 to a 1 board in your first session and can move your arms at all without any weight in your hands, it's probably too loose!!!


or my bench could just suck =) and i could be working on it.