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Touch and Go Deadlifts with Octagonal Plates


Does any one have experience with this? I've always DL'ed using circular plates, but next week I'll be moving and the gym I'll be lifting in has octagonal plates. Do you guys touch and go with these plates, or will I have to stop dead after each rep?



I hate deadlifting with those plates, I don't think it's safe in my opinion. When I pull of the floor with them I don't ever feel like I'm pulling evenly with them. I would suggest rack pulls, or touch and go with them


I have used them , and they suck balls! When i had to use them i would always let the bar completely stop. That may not work for you though, but give it a try


always pull from a deadstop.... unless ur a body building poser going for TUT. :wink:


I pull touch and go and gain plenty of strength.

Some things you could try it folding up some towels or using those foam yoga mats under the plates, so its a little easier to touch down without the plates turning and the bar going crazy

Or just set up in the power rack with the bar on the pins, and you standing on a box however how the bar is elevated. IE bar up 3 inches, your up 3 inches, so your pulling from the same height


im not saying you wont gain strength using touch and go...

But imo you will gain more strength from deadstop reps. no stretch reflex etc, also able to set each rep up exactly the same, so you have perfect technique each time.
This in theory should also cut down on the likily hood of injuries..

I assume as this was posted in the strength section, that the OP is training for strength and possibly for a competiion.


Hmm, I'm going by personal experience here, so take it for whatever you want, but I actually feel stronger doing touch n go, insury wise. I guess it's because I can stay as tight as possible for the whole set.

I've done a lot of deadlift dead stop, and touch and go, neither stand out as the number one better way to get stronger. I go back and forth every few months anyway hahah

hijack over


I say go with whatever makes you feel strongest.


If I'm using rounded plates it's always going to be a dead stop, but with those stupid 12-sided or whatever they are plates I can't stand doing anything with the other than rack pulls, it's too hard to pull evenly with them. I don't know if you have ever trained with them but they are the worst shit and have no place in a gym



Depending on the brand, I've found that they are usually 3/4 of an inch smaller in diameter which brings them 3/8 of an inch closer to the floor. It's not a lot but when you are pulling ME you will certainly feel the difference!


I have such plates. I just do singles. Case closed. :slight_smile:


touch and go doesn't really work with the hex weights; unless you just barely let it touch the ground, but this usually isn't the case anyways.

I usually just do singles, and re-adjust my setup and grip each rep. If you try to do multiple reps (even dead stop) the weigth will end up all crooked. The time it sucks the most though is when you want to do higher rep sets with straps.

***Best option when you aren't going to max, is to do something in the rack. Go from shin height or even set it so the weights are just barely not touching the ground. Then it doesn't matter what plates are used.


Sweet baby jesus, this has been discussed alot latley.