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Totally stalled fat loss...

Howdy folks. I’m totally stalled for fat loss at around 17% bf & 205 lbs. I’ve been doing HIIT 3x a week (sprints and kettlebell work) along with lifting along the lines of the 5x5 method 3x a week (basic compound stuff - squats, dips, deads, etc etc). I’ve cut calories, and nothing happens. I raise 'em, and nothing happens. I think I’m a victim of homeostasis here… My food log indicates I’m getting about 2500 cals/day when cutting calories, and I’m fantastically starved all day at that level. I eat about 40% P, 40% C, 20% fat, although it varies somewhat. In the past I’ve been able to add muscle without too much trouble, but dropping fat has always been incredibly difficult. Any suggestions?!?

Where did you begin at, BF% -wise? However, you’re cutting at 2500 cal a day? Hmmmm. A few things you could consider - *Cut calories a bit - fluctuate more on a daily basis. *Do something different for HIIT - like jump rope. *Incorporate a day of long-term cardio *Drop a few carb grams - maybe try a 50/30/20 ratio. *Try Meltdown training rather than 5x5. The general consensus was that Meltdown was good for men who were above 12%BF.

I hope this helps.

Maybe some old fashion 45 minutes of cardio 3 times a week is in order??? I took in account your sprints etc but try some steady state cardio.

I agree. Try about a 20 min hard run, directly followed with about a 35-40 min brisk walk. This is my last resort fat burner. Also, Methoxy? MD6?

I haven’t tried MD6 or the like yet, I don’t really have the cash at the moment. I was considering trying out Meltdown training starting in September.

I’ll give the steady-state cardio a try as soon as the heatwave here in Boston (and the associated nasty air, I live by the highway) dissipates. I’ll try changing my food ratios like Patricia suggests too. Thanks for the help, I’ll keep plugging away…

Dude, do long cardio! Jw, Mufasa, and John Berardi have all said it is the key to getting lean. After 4 weeks (from sprinting) I worked up to 45 min 4 times per week and I lost 8lbs! The fact is Pro BB’s do not sprint they get lean doing hours and hours of cardio…

Try cutting out the carbs. Sounds like your doing the body for life program with those macronutrient ratios. Eat more fat and get rid of the carbs. That’s the only way to lose the fat and not be hungry all day. Try adding either fish oil or flax seed oil to your diet.

Not knowing more about your situation it’s a bit difficult to give advice, but you might consider just maintaining for a few weeks to give your body a chance to get used to its new weight/BF%. After that you can start in again with a fresh perspective (both mentally and physiologically).

Other than that, I can recommend Meltdown from personal experience. It does work.

Couple things you might wanna look at. How clean is your diet? Are you eating lots of fiber and quality low GI carbs? Sounds like your body has reached a set point of energy balance. You could cycle your calories like this. Eat 500 cals below maintenance for 2 days, and then 1 day maintenance. This will make your body guess at adapting to your calorie intake. Also you might wanna increase the intensity or duration of your workouts or cardio. Basically by increasing your calorie expenditure and calorie intake, your body will adjust itself by giving more energy for the increased workload and food intake

I agree with everyone here… all good advice.

You say you don’t have cash for md6. Are you taking in any caffeine? Inhalers i.e. albuterol…etc.

keep us posted