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Totally pissed

I was well on my way up on bodyweight a couple of weeks ago at 189#@10% (Tanita). Now in the last few days my weight has plummeted to 182# and fucking Tanita insists that I’m like 15%+. I’ve considered some kind of hydration problem but I’m getting plenty of water. Stupid thing is my strength is up at the same time on curls, bench, deadlifts (everything). The whole thing is throwing me a big psychological curveball. I look in the mirror and I’m convinced that I’m smoother and smaller. Girlfriend thinks I’m a nut and my diet’s all fucked up 'cause I can’t stay focused on whether I should be cutting or bulking. I hate being caught inbetween.

Lipo: Now’s the time to get MEDIVAL, my friend! (some would say “anal”!). But the only way to figure out the problem is not emotion, but objective documentation. My suggestion:

1)Caluclate out your caloric requirements as per JB’s “Massive Eating” protocol and write down an appropriate munu. (JB even gives some sample menus). KEEP A FOOD LOG! Also make sure that you’re consuming AT LEAST 1gm/pound of protein/day.

  1. Drink AT LEAST one gallon of H20/day.

  2. Weigh about every 3rd day or so (NOT daily; too much fluctuation), but even then, don’t make drastic changes until you see where you are at the end of the week.

  3. Record your workouts, weights, how you felt, etc.

Being this meticulous allows you to truly “diagnose” where the problem is. I would bet that when I see people do this, 99% of the time the problem is easy to find. Our mind can really get clouded and we lose our objectivity when we get frustrated…it happens to all of us…

Stop worrying about what some dumbass scale says and use the mirror to gauge progress for now, If you look good and feel good thats what matters most. Besides just water levels, sodium intake etc can sway bodyfat% on a day to day basis. I know guys who show up on bodyfat test that look like shit at 10% while others who look great at 12%.
My point is if you and others think you are in good shape it does not matter what % a scale says.

Well the Tanita scales aren`t alway so accurate with bodyfat levels, but I think they are accurate as far as poundage readings, so if you were at 189 lbs and you went down to 182lbs you must of done something to lose that much weight…you may have not ate as much as you thought, you must of done something that made you drop that weight.

From your post I suspect you may be one of those guys who eats alot for a few weeks, decides he getting fat then cuts back for a couple weeks…I have been one of those guys and I`ve learned to just focus on getting bigger or getting lean.

(Movie Trivia For the T-Mag Gang!) It was NOT Samuel Jackson BUT Vhing Rhames who uttered the words “…it’s time for me to get Medieval…” in the movie “Pulp Fiction.” (Just in case you end up on “Weakest Link!”). Samuel Jackson’s most famous words? “Say “WHAT” again! I DARE you to say “WHAT” again!!!”

I just went through the same thing. It totally pissed me off. I mean, I went through a phase where I seriously considered to stop lifting. My bodyweight was 205 at ~20% bf, then I successfully cut down to 195 and I looked f’in good. Then something went awry. I lost weight and got fatter. Shit, I didn’t go through Super Strength and Massive Eating for nothing. I was barely over 190 and looked about the same as I did when I was 205 (except smaller). But, I think I’ve finally pulled through the rut. My bodyweight is consistent at 192-195 and I am slowly getting more muscular and stronger. My advice is to remain consistent and have goals. Also, access your position realistically, try to find any weak links in your diet and training or life in general, and correct them. My weaknesses were missing 1-2 meals on a consistent basis and possibbly the added stress of my job.

Hey guy I can relate to you. I’m sorry I ever bought a Tanita scale. On their next “stuff we like” column, I hope T-mag turns arounds and bashes these things because I’ve seen a lot of people complain about it on the forum. I think they balked previously when they said that it was a good product - but that’s me just constructively criticizing them… not griping. In fact, a few of buddies of mine (Auburn football players) used my scale for curiosity… one of the linebackers who is absolutely ripped got a reading of 18% body fat!! I guess being off by about 10 percent is pretty good for an 80 dollar scale! I don’t even think he has 18 pounds of body fat, and he weighs about 230-240. So, my point is don’t trust that piece of junk when it comes to body fat %.
I also can relate to you about being in between. I want to cut up one day, and the next day I want to gain 15 pounds of solid muscle. Then you wind up just trying to do both and make very little progress. Hang in there.
Of course I’ve also learned to put weight training in the proper perspective. There’s this guy at my gym in a wheelchair going around working on all of the machines. Here I am pinching my calves and my abs every 30 minutes of every day to make sure they haven’t gotten any fatter, and this guy can’t even walk.

I lost 7 percent bodyfat in 5 days, without a single training session, according to those scales. Either lying on acouch, with my ankle getting iced up on a cushion is an excellent fat loss method or those scales aren’t what they crack up to be.

Thanks guys. You know, I made my best progress when I simply didn’t think about and just ate and trained. I need to get my head straight and stay focused on gaining and just let it come. I keep a food log already but I am going to stay off the scale for a while. Maybe 25 days on tren/4-AD will help. We’ll see.