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Totally New Here, Need Help


How low is considered low. I hit 1300 /27.5 with 140 and 800iu HCG.

I’m normal I think. I’ve hward guys can break T levels with 80mg


Low SHBG? I would say mid teens and lower. Something else for me to research.


Ok . I’ll find my soon. I think I’m normal range.
Middle range


@highpull have you ever seen guys posting that had very high SHGB and 1 big shot a week helps bring their SHGB down?


Is that with your insurance paying part of it?


Not sure about posting, but I have seen it. Generally, TRT will lower SHBG.


Me to. I think that is why SHGB and frequency of shots works for most.


That is my cost after insurance has paid what they will.


Disclosure - I am a pellet user.

The only legitimate study on pellet extrusion was done in the infancy of insertions, in 1999; a 20-year old study. Another study is referenced from 2013, but it is from one doctor. In his study, 4 out of 111 procedures had ONE pellet extrude.

My doctor should publish his stats. He has had ZERO extrusion in all the insertions he has done. Of course he warns his patients, NO STRENUOUS ACTIVITY or HEAVY LIFTING for one week.

It does cost more than injections. But not everyone is concerned about the increased cost for the substantial convenience. There are more negative comments on this board from guys who have NEVER used pellets, and are regurgitating what they “heard”. I have first hand experience with pellets. Ask if you would like to know more.


Well, the comment certainly wasn’t directed towards you or pellet users in general. I’ve found positive and negative information regarding studies on different types of Testosterone administration. I am personally not a fan of pellets. I would be concerned with ending up with a doctor who doesn’t publish his ratios on extrusion and infections. A little less than 1:20 is far to high a chance for me, as someone with limited funding, to take. There are chances taken in hormonal balancing as is and that method simply does not appeal to me as an individual. Perhaps with more time as a method of continuous treatment, I would consider it. Doctors only get better at incorporating newer therapies to old ones with time and practice…this is why doctors run “Practices”. If this is the method you have chosen to take, my hats off to you for furthering the pioneering of this process. I am happy it has brought you success, it just doesn’t happen to be a method I’d consider right now. No offense sir.