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Totally New Here, Need Help



hrdlvn mentioned the SHBG and frequency of injections which is what threw me a bit. So does it matter or is the jury out on High/Low SHBG and frequency of injections?


I think the jury is out. Some association is all at this point. Plenty of low SHBG guys do well with weekly dosing. Many underground on weekly dosing, doing well, who do not know their SHBG level.


3 years ago Defy did not test for SHGB. They also said there was no connection.
A group of us on another forum one that the Defy docs and staff contribute/post to ran a bunch of blood tests and convinced Defy to look into it. Now SHGB is in every defy TRT initial and followup bloods all so SHGB is one of the determining factors in the frequency of injections.
To my knowledge the most number of shots they recommend is 3/wk M/W/F some swear that everyday works for them and defy does not say no. I have yet to see a picture of a defy scrip where it states everyday.
So basicly once a week twice a week and three times a week are the 3 defy recommends the most. once a week for high SHGB guys twice a week for middle and 3 times a week for low.

My shgb runs 22-29 and I inject twice a week.

@ thehokiefloyd if you think everyone on this forum has the same theories on how this all works you would be very wrong. Never take the advice from just one random on the internet. You should also look into other mens health forums as well because some forums can develop a group think.


Don’t use the words with her. Just get your script. Start going online and ordering your own labs. How much do they charge you?


Right, I would test SHBG as well. I’m just not sure of the physiology behind it and injection frequency, correlation, association, causation. Some guys with low SHBG do well with multiple injections. Some guys with low SHBG do well with one per week.


I understand your situation, and I feel for you. I lived in the US for over 20 years, most of them without insurance. You might need something other than Test, but you should consider more frequent injections like others here have mentioned. With Test C that can be more effective. Also, something for serotonin wouldn’t hurt, like maybe Tyrosine.


Damn, a lot of people here really support Defy. They sound great, but I checked the initial consultation and $250 is out of my range. I dunno what the costs are following that but if it was low I’d jump on it if my money wasn’t already tied up with my NP and taking care of my son.


L-Tyrosine is pretty cheap, would it interfere with my SSRI?


Defy should be last resort if you have no good option close to home.


I’ll check. I got a feeling my SHBG is going to come out on the high side after I trashed my liver when I was younger.


Noted Charlie. Thank you


Yeah, I’m trying to back out of all the terminology I’ve thrown at her to calm her down. Sent her a message over the weekend letting her know I was worried over nothing and that, essentially, she knows what she’s doing. She doesn’t want me back in the office for labs for another 6 months. She only charges $75 cash pay. The labs I gotta make payments on through her practice. My kid’s “Special Needs” and she gets that I can’t afford much.


“Some guys with low SHBG do well with multiple injections. Some guys with low SHBG do well with one per week.” -Highpull

This dam forum software keeps deleting my quotes. What’s up with that.

@highpull there will always be exceptions to the rule. Mens health is some spooky shit.


Your telling me. Why the hell is the medical field so scared of TRT? Is it cause of the steroid scares? 100mgs weekly doesn’t touch an anabolic level. You think doctors would be pretty well informed on this since T-levels in men are taking a dive in the last couple decades.


They don’t care there is no money in it. Ins companies don’t want to deal with it either. That is why there are so many hoops to jump thru to get ins to pay.


Doctors were taught in medical that TRT causes prostate cancer and all the negative flawed studies pointing to heart attacks and strokes is hard to erase from their minds. Doctor who see risk prefer to do nothing, it’s safe to do nothing because they risk nothing.

Then you add that hormone therapies aren’t profitable, generic testosterone is dirt cheap and has no investors backing it up with money, the profitbilty belongs to prescription drugs, opioids, cialis, viagra are very profitable.

Big pharma made 820 billion dollars last year, TRT has low profitability and is why almost no one cares or knows how to do it.

In range is all doctors know.


Understood, I can totally see where you’re coming from. I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t cash in on a perfectly ripe business model that helps people. Methadone clinics are BS and the money flows like water in that industry. Most of the cost in the medical fields go towards R&D. It’s the biggest reason no new antibiotics are being developed and super bacteria’s are emerging. The R&D for Antibiotics leave drug companies at a profit loss because Insurance has to cover it without exception.


You make a very strong case.


Yes, very difficult to unlearn what you are first taught. It is even more difficult to learn you were wrong. Confirmation bias is a real thing.


Another good point. I recently met a psychiatrist interested in using hormone restoration in her practice. I think she needs it herself. Anyway, I asked if she’s seen a lot of depressed guys and placed them on an SSRI with little, if any benefit, only to see them get better after going to a TRT clinic. I smiled when I said that, but her answer was yes. So, now she is thinking of using TRT in her practice.

Big Pharma does not want this because not only is it not profitable, but it would cut into the utilization of many patented medications. Think about it, statins, diabetes meds, ED meds, etc.