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Totally New Here, Need Help


Does she require you to visit every two months? And does the 75 cover all blood tests?


Bro that’s cheap. You can’t complain. I’d love to hve those costs.


We all pay 150 to 300$ monthly haha.


@hrdlvn @enackers
She doesn’t require a visit every 2 months but I’ve insisted on getting labs for now. I have to pay for labs in payments through the practice she’s at. The bills for labs are piling up but I’m determined to get this sorted so that my numbers are dialed in properly.
So she’s just an NP who won’t go above 100mgs Testosterone Cypionate a week…but, she’s been an NP that has allowed me to self inject from the get. She doesn’t know much about how this works and she doesn’t want to discuss AI’s, HcG, Endocrinology, etc… So the price has a price. All she’ll do is prescribe Test-c and submit labs…the rest is pretty much on me.
hardartery makes the point that she’s not a real actual doc and he’s right, but if I could afford to get a real doc I wouldn’t be in this predicament…but I might also be sitting around with ridiculously low Free Testosterone all the time. Hopefully I can dial this in quick with out scaring her off with BIG scary words like “Estradiol” and “Sex Hormone Binding Globulin” or “Hypothalamic Pituitary Gonadal Axis”…oooo!


I see nothing wrong with your deal. Having the T script is the most important thing.

Every two months is a bit over doing it but heah if it gives you piece of mind, well that is something.
@100mg/wk you should not need an AI like anastrozole. If your balls are not aching or pulling up against your body then HCG is not needed. FYI HCG and anastrozole can be purchased off the internet without a script.

Something many of us have found out recently is your SHGB will help you determine how often you should give yourself injections. But if your NP won’t test for it she does test for TT and Free T right. You can calculate pretty dam close what your SHGB is from those two values.

IMO you can relax and just go see her every 6 months. 6 months is the normal amount of time most of us go see our TRT docs. Those of us that have doc. Many here run their own TRT protocol.


Dude! You just made my F’ing day! That’s really what I was hoping to hear! I’ve been flipping out about labs, ect… My NP was reluctant but she ran E2 and SHBG at my request. My gut says I got a good thing going with my NP and DON’T want to screw it up! I feel her backing away a bit and I got to keep her with me and see if there is a way around AI’s and HCG if I can. I gotta ask, is it pretty normal to have fairly high BP and pulse 6 weeks into Tes-C IM injections? I’ve been wondering why my chest is a bit tight and I can feel my heart thumping.


Oh yeah, also, my balls do ache on somedays and retract occasionally…but they never retracted after I hit age 35, so I kinda thought it was nice to see the boys bunching up again during sex or when it’s cold as hell. Granted, my balls are grapes and not walnuts anymore but I’m not really nearly as concerned about them as the renewal on life I got with taking Testosterone. My GF is stoked about my last couple performances.


I don’t mind you asking at all, my labs are posted in my thread “Help understanding lab numbers, appt with doc tomorrow”. Keep in mind those numbers are pre treatment, my free T and E2 are both below the bottom end of the “normal” range. Nearly 3 weeks into treatment and I have noticed an improvement in libido


My heart goes out to you. Those are crazy low E2, TT, and FT numbers. Dude, you are a prime candidate for TRT. My NP didn’t test for E2, or SHBG till after TRT began so all we know is that my TT are low-normal and my FT is Low


Tell me about it! And I’ve suspected it for almost 2 years but was hesitant for whatever reason. Wish I had gotten labs and started this whole process a long time ago. If what I’ve read about the affects and benefits are true then in my opinion the money will be soooo worth it.


In your case I don’t see how you won’t benefit from it brother. I’m wondering what’s up with mine. I’ve been on injections for 6 weeks and have seen ups and downs. Since I won’t have E2 or SHBG levels back until Monday or Tuesday I don’t know what the best way to inject is…I might change to EOD if E2 comes back high. If SHBG is high, I’m not sure what to do. I just finished reading that whole thread. Interesting journey so far. I guess we’re on the same pace.


From all I’ve read, it takes a minimum of 6 weeks for hormones to stabilize after starting HRT. We just have to be patient, play the long game and knowing that can help ease our stress.

Regarding injections, from all my studies I have seen nothing to suggest a downside to more frequent injections (expect maybe the hassle). It eliminates the peaks and troughs, keeps estrogen at bay etc. For me, 2 times a week subcutaneously in the belly or love handles with a 26g 3/8” pin is quick and painless. Takes less than 2 minutes to draw and stick.

My doctor pushed pellets on me hard and said injecting would be extremely inconvenient, I’m glad I pushed back.


We are the exact same age. What are your fitness, nutrition and physical info? I’d be interested to track your results vs mine for reference.

5’11. 170lbs
Weight train 5x a week
Hike on weekends for cardio
Clean, whole food diet 80-90% of the time.
Very limited alcohol consumption
80mg test cyp 2x a week. No AIs, no hCG


Yeah, I heard pellets have a high enough rate of bodily rejection of infection not to play around with them + once they’re in, their in and that’s that…and the cost w/minor surgery, hell no. That aside, a couple people said more frequent injections is less conducive for maintaining higher Free-T if SHBG is also high.


There is no consensus on this at all. As we have seen guys inject 1 or 2 days a week with lower end and higher end shbg and do fine.


Well damn, that eases my mind a bit. As excited as I’ve been with what TRT’s done for me, I’ve also been a bit edgy. Thank you charlie12.


Yeah, magic 40yrs old :joy:
Just got back in the gym after a fully torn Labrum, rotator cuff (partial thickness tears in my Supraspinatus, and Teres Minor) last year, followed shortly by a broken rib in combat sports.

Training: 3×s a week for endurance/Hypertrophy.
Bag work, light sparring, shin conditioning + free weights for now. I’d like to work back up to 5 days a week. Walk about a mile a day.

Diet: 1-2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, complex carbs, cruciferous veggies, some fats (mostly lean)
Oatmeal, eggs, salmon, turkey, sweet potatoes, kale, cabbage, ground beef, chicken, whole grain bread, and my Girlfriend mostly.

100mgs a week of Testosterone Cypionate

Where about the country are you?


Right, not sure about the connection. I inject weekly and there are guys here with my SHBG level reporting needing every day or every other day dosing.


Is your SHBG level on the higher or lower end?


Ranges at 22-26. I would say mid level. I do not remember what it was when I started.