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Totally Messed Up


I'm trying to rebuild my Dell that went haywire.....the picture should show how totally screwed I am. I have parts everywhere, and it won't turn on. Most of the connections are not compatible...what a bunch of crap! I have 3 computers and they are all useless!


I'm assuming you don't have much experience working with computer hardware. What are you trying to accomplish? Cram the parts from 3 into 1 and make it a supercomputer? =P


No, I lost my power supply with the motherboard, so I had to replace both. So I do this, then find out the power swithches are not the same connectors, so I use my old pc power connectors and cut the wires from the dell and try that....no dice. I tried to put my HD into another PC to no avail,,,,,the shit list keeps growing.

Should have just bought a new one.


there was something wrong with the power supply on my old laptop where it plugged into the computer, and when I'd plug it in there was a short and would make a pretty little spark. I still need to figure a way to get all my stuff off of that old HD.


You know what, I used to build my own computers but I got tired of parts never working. Last week I was on walmarts webshit and shit..the assembled systems on there are cheaper than you can build them. Just throw a stick of ram in most of them and you're good to go with a lot less hassle.




Damn Right..... OOPS!


Good news, after much trial and error I'm now up and running again! Put the old MB in and had to get a different Power supply, re wire what I cut.

Lesson learned, all I needed was a new friggin Power supply. Dell said the Motherboard was fried too. I should have not trusted them.