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Totally Lost


I am 32 years old, weigh 222lbs at a height of 6'. I have way too much belly fat. My bodyfat according to the Navy (I'm a chief in the Navy) is 22%.

I want to lose the bodyfat and build up my muscle mass. I have lifted weights before but always just kinda infrequently. Never really stuck with it. Now, I am looking to get serious, lower my bodyfat, and pack on alot of muscle. I want to make this a lifestyle change and really work at this.

This site has tons of good info, but there is sooo much of it. Could anyone point me in the right direction? How much cardio do I need? Should I do circuit type weightlifting or do heavy compound movements? How often should I train? What types of foods should I eat? What supplements do I need to buy?

I have already changed my diet to incorporate raw fruits and veggies, lean protein in the form of chicken or tuna, oatmeal, whole grain breads and pasta, and protein powder. Am I missing anything?

As for supplements, I currently take a multi-vitamin, green tea extract pills, glucosamine to improve joint health, flax seed oil pills, and I occasionally use VPX's Redline gelcaps for fatburning before I exercise.

Thanks in advance.


WOW welcome to the site and to your new lifting and nutrition lifestyle. BUT that is just way to many WIDE open questions. You need to educate yourself by reading and comeback with more directed questions.

This thread should help to start.

Enjoy the reading and come on back Informed and full of questions,


Read everything you can on this site. If you need to pick one author, I'd go with Chad Waterbury. Print all of his articles. Read them in chronological order. Follow them. I'd suggest doing his programs in the order in which he wrote them. Eat more protein. Eat more good fat. Cut out the junk.

Good luck!


I'm not the author of the thread, but I have to thank you for that info. I've been reading different advice threads and all the info is a bit overwhelming. This kinda narrowed it down for me. :slight_smile:


T-Nation VERY generalized guidelines:

*Eat natural un-proccessed foods.
*Eat several smaller meals a day.
*Don't skip breakfast.
*Emphasize quality protein, low glycemic index complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

*Focus on multi-joint compound weightlifting exercises.
*Change up your exercise routines every couple of months as your body adapts in order to avoid stagnation.
*Avoid overtraining - Give your body a chance to recover and grow.
*Choose High Intensity Interval Training for most of your cardio.

*Try to control stress (always a tough one).
*Make sure you get enough quality sleep.
* Strive for efficiency and consistancy in your diet and training. Patience is more than a virtue.
*Study, Learn, Experiment, Analyze, React. Everyone is different, you must find your own path.

Ohh and of course, if you want to supplement... Buy Biotest brands from T-Nation.com!

Congratulations on your commitment to better health Chief. Good Luck!


BTW, you'll be amazed at how much info VROOM has amassed (pun intended) to assist people new to the T-Nation way. I'm sure you'll be hearing from him.


Hey, it's good to see a Chief on this site.

Take in as much info as you can here, and pass it along within your command.

The military is pretty far behind the curve when it comes to general health and fitness (for the average Soldier, Sailor, Airman anyway).

Here's vroom's begginer thread that has a lot of links to some great articles.

This thread is ideal for begginers, but is also great for intermediate and advanced lifters.

Here it is:



Thank you all for the support and info! Gonna grab a protein shake, kick back, and spend the evening reading everything that I can on this site. =)