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Totally Confused on Making a Workout Plan


I'm looking to gain size aesthetically.

How is this for a week?

3 sets. 10 reps for each exercise.

Day 1: Squats. Leg Extension. Leg Curl. Calf Extension.
Day 2: Bench Press. Incline Bench. Decline Bench. Tricep Extensions. Dips.
Day 3: Rest.
Day 4: Deadlifts. Pulldown. Bicep Curl. Preachers Curl.
Day 5: rest.
Day 5: Shrugs. Front Raise (shoulders). Military Press. Crunches.
day 7: Rest.

How should I change this up or get more out of it? I'd like to really focus on my upper body if possible. Should I be doing more exercises per day? Working out more often? Should I focus each day on ONE specific muscle and do 3 different exercises for it?


I don't think the split looks that terrible. There are powerlifting cycles that use similar splits.

The biggest thing Iâ??d suggest is some upper back work. Iâ??d put some form of rows in on DL day.

Also remember than if you are intent on 3x10 for everything, you need to progress in something.

If I were you Iâ??d take a look at something like this:

Itâ??s the same basic split you put up.


That's a lot of chest training, especially for a beginner, with relatively little back training. Try cutting chest down to bench and incline bench, and add some type of rowing movement for the back.

Why front raises before military presses? Likewise, why shrugs before military press? And, why triceps extension before dips?

I also recommend that beginners train muscle groups more frequently since they usually haven't developed the ability to thoroughly fatigue muscle groups. IME, training each muscle group twice per week is a good place to start.


Noted. I'll work on core workouts before isolation. Do you think I'm resting too much? I'd like to work out REALLY hard. Should I work out 6 days a week and do more sets per muscle group?


If you are confused just use a program like Starting Strength or 5/3/1, instead of worrying whether your program will work just use one that has proven to get good results.


That depends, how quickly are you currently progressing?

I think weight training 6 days per week is overkill for the average beginner, but then again I have no idea whether you're average.

In general, when you train a muscle group more frequently you do fewer sets for it during each workout.

I agree with the other poster who commented that you'd be better off going with an established program at this point until you learn how your body best responds to training. It doesn't make sense trying to design a program when you don't have the experience required to do so effectively.


I don't think your split is bad, i would just change a couple things.

As some have already stated i think you should add some kind of row to your back day.

Also I would get rid on decline BP and replace it with DB fly/pec deck.

I would replace front raise with lateral raise because military press hits the front delts pretty well.


I bet you could make awesome progress doing this, and eating to gain size for at least 3 years.

And it's only 20$