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Totally Confused About My T Levels. Don't Know What to Do


I’m 34.
I’ve a chronic depression, fatigue, apathy, no libido, unrestful sleep all of my life.

My mom is depressed and more anxient. My grand mom was very anxient. So i think its genetic

I had euphoria once from HCG injection. I had the best sleep after one sustanon injection for a week.

Now I don’t take anything.

I did blood work many times since 2013 and my Total T was in range 340-450 max.

Last week I did another blood work with the most precise testing method - mass spectrometry. And I’ve the highest Total T ever.

Total T - 6.56 ng/ml

SHBG - 27,1 nmol/l

LH - 3,26 mME/ml

Estradiol, Prolactin are normal.

My tsh is 1.8

So my Total T is good now. Free T with this SHBG must be good too, right ?

I don’t know what else can I do except psycho meds - wellbutrin.

I shouldn’t destroy my balls with test even it helps me sleep great, right ?

I should try wellbutrin then, right ?

Have you had a sleep study?

I had major sleep issues and anxiety. Tried about 5 different antidepressants and those all made something else worse and none helped my sleep.

I got a sleep study and found out I have moderate sleep apnea. Use a CPAP now and that still doesn’t guarantee good sleep, but was feeling more rested in the mornings.

Now I take Trazodone 50mg before bed and sleep amazing. If I am particularly stressed about something I also take a half of an Ambien and it knocks me out cold.

I would try melatonin and magnesium first before going in for prescription pills. Give it a good month to see if it helps. If not, just about any doctor in the states will prescribe Trazodone and ambien. But Don’t go ambien only, you build a tolerance to it quickly.

These are good natural levels for someone your age, your testosterone levels can fluctuate day to day. It could be you didn’t get enough sleep that week in 2013 which can affect your levels.

I did cardiorespiratory monitoring in 2019. It says I’ve no apnea. They told me its a good result despite I failed to fall in sleep (i think i slept actually maybe 1-2 hours). But now I want to do polysomnography.
I tried melatonin. Never helped me. Maybe made my sleep even worse.
The best sleep I had for a week after 1 sustanon injection and with phenozepam.
Magnesium doesn’t help with unrestful sleep for me


I had blood work many times since 2013 and my total T was always low normal. Now its the highest I’ve ever had.

This old topic is mine:

Melatonin also possibly makes my sleep worse. It never worked good for me like it does for others. At some point if your stress and anxiety is too high, nothing really helps.

What is your caffeine intake?

I would ask your doc about Trazodone. It’s a miracle for me. I’ve been using it every night for 2 years and it works every time.

I never drink coffee. Only tea. But very rarely.
I went to sleep doc and she say she prescribes trazodone. But I’ve to do polysomnography first