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Total Workout Rehaul

My goal is Strength and Hypertrophy ( with Doug Santillo’s article as my guide: http://www.testosterone.net/html/body_126temp.html
as well as Poliquin’s

however, I want your opinions on my program now as it is. (I started this program about 3 weeks ago and I’ve personally noticed some gains, but I still need all your opinions)

My program as of right now consists of the following:

Bench Press: 5x5
Military Press: 5x5
Incline Bench Bicep Curl: 3x8-10
Single Arm Pullover: 3x8-10
Shrugs: 3x20

Squats: 5x5
Stiff-legged Deadlifts: 5x5
Calf Raises: 3x20

Repeat Monday

Being that there is so much data and opinions concerning what works better for what, I’m really conflicted and rather confused as to if I am on the right track; mainly, both strength and hypertrophy.

I read that Dips work the arms better than curls/pullovers because they work a group of muscles instead of just one… should I include Weighted Dips into my workout, and how many should I do?

What about chin-ups/pull-ups (assisted)? Should I include these in my workout?

Also, what should the approximate number for my TUT be? I have it at about 4121.

Concerning when I work out my arms, for instance, should I take Poliquin’s advice and work the:
A1)Protagonist (Bicep)
A2)Antagonist (Tricep)

Please, I would really appreciate any suggestion at all and thank you for reading this long post.


Pretty soild program, only a few suggestions I would say.

Yopu need some upper back work such as the chins you mentioned, and rows. By adding these in you could drop the arm curls and hit your back and bi’s at the same time.

Dips are a definte choice of a great movement.

Maybe add in some lat raises.

Move the shrugs to after you deads/squats.

Possibly split a dead day and squat day. Add in some GHR’s, GM’s, on leg days after either squat or dead.

My first choice of changes would be drop the shrugs and curls from upper body day and add some upper back work. From their the other suggestions are optional, just depends on how flexible you are with changing up your program.

Some type of calf and ab work @ the end wouldnt hurt either.



Ditch the Incline Bench Bicep Curl, single arm Pullovers, shrugs, Stifflegged Deadlift, Bench Press and low rep Squats! Hey, I just noticed that, that is about everything! Oh well.

  1. What about the powerful Latissimus Dorsi muscles of the back? You need to do Three sets of Pull-ups (palms facing away from you). Then for your biceps do an additional two sets of close grip Chin-ups. You will hit the Biceps directly and also hit the Lats one more time!

  2. What makes you think that you need to do shrugs? That just might be the most worthless exercise that a healthy trainee can perform! You are getting plenty of Trap involvement with Deadlifting. If you would like even more, why not do an athletic movement like Cleans? Add three sets of Cleans and you will improve so much more than your Traps. Perform three sets of 6 reps. Also, do regular Deadlifts, forget the stiff legged kind. Your Hams and lower back will get plenty of work from regular Deads’. Stiff legs are higher risk and do not produce the results to warrant the risk-Simple cost benefit!

  3. Why are you doing single arm pullovers? What is the reason? I think they are almost a total waste!

  4. I would personally like to see higher rep squat sets. Some on the forum may disagree with me. But, I have been around this game for over 30 years and have not seen as much leg size from working with the lower reps in the squat, as I have with reps in the 10 to 15 range. And you did state one of your goals was Hypertrophy, correct?

  5. And why are you doing Barbell Bench Presses? Do you want to be a powerlifter, or are you just looking for long term shoulder problems? Unless you are built for Barbell Benching, I suggest you drop it from your routine for the next 50 or 60 years!

If you have short arms and a barrel chest then bench away by all means. If not then you will be working your front Deltoids and Triceps as you Barbell Bench. You will also be putting more strain on the shoulder joint than is wise to do. There are better methods to build a good chest and you mentioned one of them: Dips! Just do not go down all the way or you will be grinding your shoulder joint to dust again. Do five sets of 8 to 10 reps.

Okay, I guess you can tell that I did not care to much for your routine. But, I did take the time to let you know and gave you alternatives. Take care and good luck!


Porkchopexpress,if you train 3 times a week why a 2 days split? Anyway a possibility could be:
M: Pullups (see ZEB forum)
Bench Press (try dumbbells)
then a superset of db shoulder presses and db row
W: Squat
calves (see FAQ)
In this way you accomodate Squat,Deadlift,vertical/horizontal pushing/pulling, no direct arm work.
Yes dips,pullups,chins are very important. It’s easier to accomodate them in a 3 days split.
In my opinion the best exercises for arms are:
triceps:1)dips 2)close grip bench presses. Biceps:1)chins 2)Barbell curls.