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Total Went Down?


I just ran a 11 week beginner westside program that I brought off elitefts,

Pre program I did:

215 Bench, 225x10 squat (no clue what I could single), 355 Deadlift.

During the program,

My reverse hyper went from 45 to 115
High box squat from 275x3 to 195x3
Low box squat 225x5 to 245x5
Deadlift on 4inch box from 285x2 to 305x2
Close grip from 205x1 to 205x3
Floor press from 185x1 to 205x1
Various board presses also went up

I took a 1 week deload and maxed out with:
215 bench, 270 squat, 330deadlift

My weight remained a consistent 160lbs.

I find it odd that most of my lifts went up, but not the big 3. Anyone have any ideas as to why it happened or what I should do next?


Why didn't you gain weight?


In the first few weeks it got up to 165, but I got a flu for about a week and somehow got down to 156 and rebounded back to 160 in about a week or two.


Perhaps amidst the myriad of things you did, you did not strengthen your weaknesses? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

A little tough love: You joined in 2006 and haven't deadlifted 400 yet (or squatted 315)? How much do you weigh? You are doing something wrong... or got injured/took time off...

Edit: Sorry I see you weigh 160, but still you should be moving some bigger weights with 5 years of training.


That could be part of it.

But you sound like you need to eat more and just get a lot bigger and stronger overall.


You could have just had a bad day. 11 weeks isn't that long for a program. Most guys I know like to have 16 weeks to train for a meet. Get back in the gym and keep it simple. You don't need a bunch of max effort board presses and high box squats. Just get in the gym and Squat, Bench and Deadlift. Then after you do those core lifts pick a few assistance exercises.


I was literally about to write the exact same response, could have been a bad day, we all have them...but more than likely you need to increase the amount of food you are eating and just hit your main lifts harder, not worrying about the accessory movements so much until you really see your big 3 increasing.


Clearly all the exercises you chose did not translate to the competition lifts. I don't think someone at your strength level needs to do a ton of variations of lifts, they just need to train the main lifts with some basic assistance work. I know the Westside template has you doing a ton of different variations, but you need some base of strength and technique in the actual lifts first.

I don't think lots of box squats and board presses carry over as well for relatively new raw lifters. If you are a raw lifter choose exercises like the following: free SQ, front SQ, conventional and sumo DL, deficit DL, low rack pulls, BP, incline BP, military press, and floor press.
Also as others have said, try to gain some weight next time around as this will always help with strength gains.


What did you do for your deload? if you deloaded by doing nothing that could be why


why the fuck are you messing around with a westside template with those numbers? Get your ass on starting strength and eat some damn food.


Perhaps you spent so much time on assistance work, you forgot your Main 3 ?

225lbs is circa 100kg for 4 years of training ................. (?)


Agreed, 5 3 1 , starting strength , a Josh Bryant program would a work better . You need work and food.


do this! start over with the starting strength template and gain some weight unless your 5,2. then get into a texas method or 531 template.