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Total Test Not Going Down


I have read all the stickies and I know things could be done better. My problem is I live in Northern Canada. Just getting on TRT was a 6 month fight with my doctor and urologist. If I was to walk away from them my chances of finding another doctor are slim and one that would put me on TRT are even slimmer.
My total T was at 224 so the urologist put me on androgel which worked fine for a couple of months and slowly stopped absorbing.

So he started me on injections, 100mg on weekly injections, 3 months ago. He tested me after the first injection in the middle of the week and I was at 720, felt good.

Forward a month and my mid week test is 1441 so they lowered the dose to 90mg which was 1009 mid week. Lowered the dose to 80mg and that was 836 mid week. I would be happy with this but we are talking about a urologist, who like to have me at 374 to 518 mid week.
So we went to 70mg which put me at 720, then we put me at 60mg and my levels went to 893.

I am now at 50mg and actually don't feel to bad mid week.
So my question is why aren't my levels dropping. I'm sure my doctor thinks I am injecting during the week. I am afraid to test next week in case my levels don't drop.
Am I still producing my own testosterone, is that why my levels are this high on such a low dose.
Any thoughts gentleman?


TT consists of FT, albumin+T and SHBG+T

Read the advice for new guys sticky if needed so these terms make sense.

If SHBG increases, you get more SHBG+T and less FT. So TT goes up. But SHBG+T is not bioavailable, so you do not feel right.

SHBG increases if E2 increases. E2 can be high if there are liver problems and AST/ALT lab results are needed. To control E2 you would take anastrozole.

In your climate, you are probably vitamin-D deficient. The lab test is vit-D25. Or you can find 5,000iu vit-D3 as small oil based gel caps.

Have you always used iodized salt?
Feeling cold easier this year?

If androgel did not absorb, it could be a thyroid problem as that is a symptom of hypothyroidism.

Labs: post with ranges
LH/FSH [too late now, should be pre-TRT]

Need details about you as per the advice for new guys sticky.

Are you inland or by the sea?