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Total Test Levels Blood Work


just got the test back.

Been on 14 weeks of test e at 500mg a week.

Normal is 7-31 mine is 92.
My T before the test was 14.

I did a quick googling around and people were reporting anywhere between 140-270nmol.
Just wondering if this is low for the dosage!? Thanks


I believe that comes out to around 2600ngdl so yeah thats fine. I really doubt people were getting 270nmol on 500mg a wk. Either highly overdosed or they were taking more than that but i could be wrong. Your natural test is somewhat low. How old are you?


Yeah dude. Free test was 13 (30-70) then they did the total test, test a month later and it was 7-31 it was 15. Just 24 mate. My cortisol is crazy though. 45-354 and mine is 780 before test and still at that with test.

Docs dont know whats up with that.


If you want help with that head over to the trt forum and introduce yourself and include all labwork with ranges.