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Total Test 488. 200mg?

Hey guys, been a while since Ive been on the board. I have a question. Ive been on TRT now for five months. Ive had blood work done every 8 weeks and will post that when I get the results from my upcoming visit. My prescribed TRT dosage is 200mg 1/wk of test cyp… I take No HCG or no AI. He would not prescribe an AI, although I have some on hand but have not used it. I am currently taking 100mg test cyp every 5 days because my fear of E2 rising based on prescribed dose, so I decided to under-dose his recommendation. My doctor says I’m crazy for wanting him to check my E2 levels and ran me up the river about it, says its a waste of time, money, etc, I should be worried about all the other side effects not that one, etc… Well as I know now, he is the idiot, so I’m on the look for another doc. But on my last BW results my total testosterone was at 488. Does this seem low for a 100mg dose every 4-5 days? The amount of time between my last dose and the blood work test was around 8 days… All other blood work was good based on what he told me. I know that is a relative term until I have the pros on here look at those numbers. I’m 49 years old, I work out 5-6 times a week, not sure of BF% but I weigh 214 and I’m pretty jacked. Do I metabolize the test cyp that fast?..Thanks for any advice.

That sounds like it falls within reasonable range. But I am confused. You said you dose overy 4-5 days, but then you said the amount of time between your last pin and bloodwork was 8 days. did you miss a shot or something? Anyway, this doesn’t seem abnormal in any way whatsoever.

Flip, hey sorry, yes I went on vacation and missed a shot and went straight to doc when I got back. I was just thinking from reading other post here that lots of guys are in the 1000+ range on 200mg 1/w. Im a day or two behind that and pinning twice at half the dose but I just thought my numbers would be higher?

Aslo, do you guys think I should run my AI (Anastrazole)? Or wait for any sides and bloodwork numbers? I feel great right now and havent had any E2 side affects thus far. This TRT has been a life changer for me so far.

You will only need the AI if your E2 is high based on lab work. Try to run labs halfway between injections. I’d be pretty surprised if your E2 is good.

thanks, that was going to be my next question, when to get labs done.

Best to do the labs halfway between doses. I believe your TT will be higher this time. I’d like to see your TT and FT at the very top of the range. Most guys around here shoot for E2 = 22. That’s not for everyone, but it’s a good place to shoot for. Low and high E2’cause symptoms and medical issues.


Should I find another doc to do an E2 blood test and go from there or would you start an aromatase inhibitor immediately? Like I said, I have some on hand in case I needed it. I’m just leery of it at this point because I dont know what My E2 levels are. Thanks for the advice man!

Definitely need labs before adding an AI. You can have bloodwork done yourself in most states. I would go that route if your doc balks. Between your age and dose of T, it seems pretty likely that your E2 will be high, but no one can say for sure.

You have no symptoms so that’s interesting.

Yeah Id have to find another doc. This guy already freaked at the idea of me mentioning an AI and being a male… LOL. Im 49 years old, at the present time Im not experiencing any high E2 symptoms that I know of. But that may be dormant right now?

ED, low libido, moodiness, water retention, fatigue, increased blood pressure, not sleeping as well, etc

100 mg every 4 days is equal to approximately 170mg per week and TT of 500 is totally in range eight days post shot. I shoot 140mg every seven and run about 650 TT seven days post shot. So, a little higher, but not crazy, but I weigh 190.

I also do not run an AI at all and my E2 is typically around 15.

Everybody reacts differently and body size has little to do with it. I was on 140mg/week due to high SHBG and my TT was at 1400s on day five after my shot so I was just lowered to 120mg/wk. Others only hit half those levels at that dose so you need a starter protocol and labs at 6 weeks to adjust.

you said I can have bloodwork done myself, what did you mean? Can I make an appointment with labcorp (the bloodwork lab) and request them do the work-up without a doctors order? I live in Alabama but I’m not sure of our laws concerning that?

thats pretty close to my protocol. Im not feeling any sides of high E2 that I can tell. Also does TT need to be really high for aromatization to take affect?

First of all ROLL TIDE! Yes, you can just order your own lab work. You can go online to labcorp and order and pay for a test and even make an appointment at the closest facility.


ROLL TIDE!!! My good Brother! Gonna be a good year I hope!!!.. thanks for all the good help my friend!

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I did not know that was possible. Thought it had to come though a referral.
I’m looking at the site, can you elaborate bc I’m not seeing it. Also, Go BUCKS!

Yeah I think Ohio is right. I lookled on the site and it looks like it has to be a doctor order, unless i missed something? Here’s whats from the site…

Can I order my own tests directly from LabCorp?
Lab testing must be ordered by a licensed health care professional or that person’s authorized designee.

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yep your right…

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