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Total Test 3500, Free Test 1084

Got my blood work today. Been running a 400 test/ 300 deca cycle and this is the number the lab gave me. Seems a bit high?

I’ve never seen a number on my labs over 900ish and that was with an HRT dose at 200mg test a week.

Are these numbers something to panic over? Not gynoing, blood pressure seems a bit warm, keeping 1mg of adex and caber in me weekly too.

Basically, does this sort of number look like I was doing it right, or wrong?

Sounds fucking good to me. Lol!

Not gonna argue, just seems like a huge number for that dose. I forgot I’m also hitting 500iu of HCG to keep the boys inflated.

I’m making great gains. I can tell the BP is up a little and I’m getting the sleep sides from the deca. I’m like a friggin’ buck in a rut though, I’ve rubbed the wife raw daily for the last two months.

I just panicked when I saw numbers like that. I mean I know old school builders would SHOOT 3500mg a week but I’m nowhere near that. Imagine what their serum levels must have been? Sheesh.

Just trying to avoid that left ventricle hypertrophy brah.