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Total T/SHBG Low, Free T Normal. Doesn't Make Sense to Me

So my Total T and shgb is low but my free T is normal. The Free T is the important part anyways right?

2017 0406 Labs
Free testosterone - 72.2 (35.0-155.0)
Total Testosterone 339 (250-1100) - I believe at this time I had a 2-4 week trial of either climid or testosterone. I can remember
LH - 5.0 (1.5-9.3)

2016 1212 I had a brief trial with testosterone shots (2-4 weeks)
Total Testosterone 668
Estradiol - 23.4

2016 1104
Total Testosterone 236
Vit D 10.4

2016 1010
Total Testosterone 223

2018 0825 - Labs
T4 -7.7 (4.5-12.0)
T3 Uptake 32 (24-39)
Free Thyroxine Index (1.2-4.9)
TSH - 2.950 (0.450-4.5)

Serum Testosterone 185 (264-916)
SHGB - 15.2 (16.5-55.9)
Testosterone, Free, Direct - 15.2 (16.5-55.9)

2018 0915 Labs
Free Testosterone 10.7 (8.7-25.1)

2018 1103
DHEA 289.5 (102-416.3)
Prolactin 11.4 (4.0-15.2)
SHGB - 14.9 (16.5-55.9) LOW
Serum Testosterone - 172 (264-916) LOW
Testosterone %Free + Weekly bound 41.3 (9.0-46)
Testosterone F+W Bound 71.0 (40-250)


  • Low energy fatigue
  • High Anxiety
  • Depressed Mood
  • Lower libido but everything is functioning normally

You can confirm with lab range but 10 free t is probably very low in the range. You are low. You need to investigate.

Btw give us all the values even if within range.
Just because they are within range doesn’t mean it’s not a problem.

The only reason it is even in the OK range is because your SHBG is so low. Do your labs say “normal” if not, you need to put the numbers and ranges. This only helps us help you.

A result of normal in place of labs ranges isn’t very useful in a world where doctors are taught to treat the reference ranges and ignore the patients symptoms. It seems what was normal a year ago is now supraphysiological, our grandparents had higher hormone levels than our fathers and men today aren’t at all like the men of yesterday.

You being normal means doctors don’t have to offer treatment to you and the insurance companies don’t have to put out money on your behalf and invest in the insurance companies future instead of yours.

Being normal sucks, I want to be optimal and so should you.

Low SHBG can be explained by genetics or low thyroid function. Low thyroid hormones have similar symptoms to low T, you need thyroid labs checking TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3 and antibodies.

You normally don’t find men coming in here absent of symptoms with a Free T level of 10.

See edit above

Any input or responses?