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Total T More Important Than Free T?


Trying to rationalize some blood tests - over last year I have had total T taken 3 times - 92,120,132 . Never had free T done , or E2 done . My question is during that time I had very few symptoms of low T - my sex drive was high and no erection issues . My body was muscular but I was fat as well , my mood was up beat .

This leads me to believe my free T was high enough and E2 was in check so my quality of life was good . Does this sound possible ? Also will both free T and bound T aromitize . Does E convert to anything or is there a way to bond it and rendered inactive by SBHG?


I'm no expert but have you read the stickies? I've seen you comment on a lot of people's TRT posts giving them advice when you don't even understand your own lab results.

You should try to get complete lab results and start a thread and go from there after reading all of the stickies.


Oh , I did not know you had to know everything before posting comments like : " think twice before jumping right into TRT - it is more complex than first appears " ) or exactly what "advice" did I give that was incorrect ? As for the stickeys they don't address these questions .


I didn't say you gave anything incorrect, I was merely suggesting you post all of the requested information to help get yourself sorted before giving advice to other members seeking help in the TRT forums.

In this post from yesterday you said you had estradiol ( E2 ) of 63. Where in this first post you said you've never had it tested.

I am simply trying to help direct you in the best method to get help with your situation. You've got 40+ posts all in the TRT forums and you still seem to be seeking help. I may be completely off base here and if I am, forgive me and ignore me.


Being a new TRT person alot of questions come about for me . When I said never had E2 tested I meant during the period when I had low T checked. Only recently I had a E2 test done . I learned from this sight alot . But some advice like taking ARIMIDEX is not an option for me yet ( I have yet to find a dr in Washington DC area who will rx it to me to lower my E levels . ) bottom line is I do feel better and my body composition is getting better being on the injections . I did develop a period of ED for a bit but have tried some techniques to lower it. I only give advice to people who I feel I can help with my experiences


You can google arimedex research chemicals.


Yes - I found research chemicals - just not too comfortable taking stuff that states " not for human consumption " or " avoid ingestion " - plus I have no way of knowing what exactly is inside the bottle .


I realize that all supplements are unregulated and it is difficult to prove what is in them also . But these give me a bit more comfort and confidence of there authenticity .


The MAJORITY of doctors know less about male hormone treatment therapy than just about anything else in medicine.

It's disheartening that while Obama's attorney general is softening it's stance on jail time for street drug related crime (crack cocaine, oxycontin, heroin etc...) it is zealous in it's use of the kingpin law going after steroid indictments.

One would think that Washington DC wanted to rid itself of senior citizen Sylvester Stallones that know what is what and have the assertiveness to fight Obama turning America into a socialist welfare state. They would rather we be timid, unassertive, unconscious and unarmed peasants. So much easier to get away with anything when voters are zoned out on marijuana, opiates etc...


That is an interesting look at the situation .