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Total T Levels and Reference Range Question

50 years old, lift 3x week, do cardio 3x week on non-lifting days.

Recently had bloodwork done, first time I had my Total T measured.

Result: 343 ng/dL
The lab gave a reference range of 181 - 758.

Dr. said it was normal.

I’m still trying to understand reference ranges etc.
I am inclined to agree with the Dr.'s opinion, since I am not experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Low T.

Where do they get these ‘reference ranges’ anyway?


Doctor’s get these ranges from fat unhealthy people who probably don’t exercise, no seriously! You may not have any noticeable symptoms but there are medical diseases associated with levels below 500 ng/dL. I’ve never heard of those reference ranges therefore I would not trust them at all.

The ranges are different. Never seen such narrow ranges. That said, do you have any symptoms of low T? If so you need more tests. If not don’t worry about it

Find a new doctor – you will find that most doctors are extremely ignorant about this and would be happy to keep people in a very low range of testosterone levels. First of all, I have never seen the bottom end of a lab range that low – usually it’s around 300 Ng/dl. Find a urologist that specializes in TRT

Was that a lab from USA VA?