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Total T in 400s on 200mg/Wk

Hey guys I have a few questions. Basically my original total t came in at 233 and 159. He started me on 100mg every week. 1.5 months later and my total dropped 15 more points to 133!!

Talked him into going to 200mg a week which I do 3 injections weekly. Total t has come back at 433 and 460.

E2 sensitive is at 53… hemocrit is at 53 as well.

I am overweight for sure and I need to lose a bunch of weight. Just not sure why such a high dose only gets me to mid 400s I really don’t want to donate blood all the time. So am I basically stuck at this level until I lose weight? Will an A.i help at all?

Any thoughts on what is going on would be appreciated?



How do you feel?

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Not much different at all. Low energy still, low libido, ect basically how I did before trt

Compounded or medical grade testosterone?

What ester; enanthate, propionate?

How often do you inject (dose and frequency)? Assuming you inject?

Where do you inject? Needle size?

When was your blood test in relation to your last injection?

Assuming these are trough levels, then your levels are higher mid-week and even higher at peak.

My provider has hematocrit topping out at 50% as far as lab ranges, but doesn’t take action until hematocrit is 54%-> since it’s the international recognized top end of the ranges.

So my point 53% isn’t alarmingly high. Also I hope your doctor isn’t just ordering Total T, the Free T is where the rubber meets the road.

Your E2 is high because you are overweight, so lose the weight and estrogen should decrease.

You more than likely need to inject more than once a week, I didn’t feel hardly any benefits injecting 1-2 weekly, but every other day is when things turned around very quickly.

Test c from doctor

I inject .33 mwf to get to 200mg per week

25g 1 inch into v glute

6ft 300 age 44

I was wondering if I should do 1.5 because I am not sure I am reaching the muscle? Would that make a difference?

Well normally I take my last dose on Friday night .33 and test Monday at 7 am. I just know guys who go longer with less dose and test higher. Free 123 pg/ml

Well I’ve got good news for you, donating blood won’t help your situation for much more than a week or two, so you can eliminate that from your list of worries.

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You may be one who needs a higher dose. You’re already injecting three times a week, which has not helped. We all metabolize injections differently. Your current dose does not do much for your levels, so everything else being equal and assuming there are no other issues, it makes sense to move up.

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So what do I do if I need to up my dose? And hemocrit keeps rising? Then I need to lower my dose to keep it in check? Assuming weight loss would help with that as well?

Sorry for all the questions still learning and only been on since September 2020

The best answer is don’t take testosterone. Since that’s not a viable option the next best answer is to switch to a longer ester and inject far less frequently. Test U has the lowest percentage of patients with HCT issues. Part of that is because the protocol is not ideal and the injections are spaced out way too far. But the longer the ester the longer you can go between shots, and that means the less your HCT will climb. Mine got to 59.8 at one point. For some of us trt means HCT goes straight up, no matter what we do.

Ok thanks I will look up test U never heard of it.

What did you weigh back in September?

What training and nutrition plan have you been following?

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Probably low SHBG and going thru the testosterone quickly on 1x weekly shots. Do you have that lab? Can you split your shots up?

Yea already doing 3x weekly at .33 per shot. Total of 200mg a week. Got lots of labs just need to find time to post them.

Sorry I missed that part

Although I have no first hand experience with sub Q injections, I have read where some guys have wild occurrences using subq. Some have higher levels than normal and some lower. With your size do you think there’s a chance you’re not hitting the muscle?
You could always keep your protocol and switch needle lengths/pin locations and recheck blood work.

There’s also a chance you just need a lot of T to get to the same levels everyone else is at with “normal” doses. I am one of those people. 200mg/wk pinned E3D has me close to your levels.

198 mg/wk. Just saying :grinning:

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Yea I was wondering if I need to go deeper and because I am not hitting muscle it’s burning up quicker or something lol. So are you raising your dose or sitting tight for awhile? How’s your e2 and hemocrit?

Lol get it all on last dose but by your probably right when it comes down to it.