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Total T clinic in San Diego


Newbie here. Doing much research on these forum but need some feedback.
I'm a 49 YO male that was recently diagnosed with low T. My reading was 161 via an in-house test. I have all the symptoms.
Started treatment at total T clinic with a first injection at 150 mg and 125 every week.
Want to know any feedback on this clinic.
I'm combing through the forum but it is a lot of information to digest so hopefully this clinic will keep me in optimal conditions.


May not be anyone else using that clinic.

Read these stickies found here: https://forums.t-nation.com/t/about-the-t-replacement-category/38/2?u=ksman

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

We can help if you post labs and lab ranges.
Not just hormones, all available.

T clinics are typically not interested in your overall health, they have T-tunnel vision. Be careful that you do not.


That is my concern. I research extensively. Thus what led me to this forum.
I figured let this clinic start me off while I digest all the information.
I read all those stickies. Maybe my research skills are lacking, but I didn't find any reviews.
First week wasn't anything spectacular.


I got treated at Total T clinic for abt 6 months before I realized Navy covers low T therapy and switched to Balboa. But I liked them - they were always professional and the Doc actually took my calls when I had questions away from their office. Did in-clinic shots for the first month, then took shots home 1 month at a time - they made it pretty easy. Was always in and out of there quickly - no issues. I would give them a B+ overall. But I never went anywhere else for treatments before Total T so nothing to really compare it to for those services.