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Total Solar Eclipse

Well, that was awesome. I got 90%, which as they say wasn’t anywhere as cool as 100%. Anybody got photos or anything they want to share? I tried with my phone, but I just didn’t look right.

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I was on a plane which is supposed to be awesome. It’s not.

My wife sent me this one that she took - Indiana / 90%.

She’s blind now, but this pic is pretty cool!


I had 100%, was pretty cool. My phone couldn’t really get a good photo tho.


This was pretty cool too, from the capital building in Salem, OR.

That’s what I could see through my glasses. But not through the phone. Awesome shot.

Lol, saw that on Facebook. But seriously, look at this one:



Here’s one from a hiking trail in central Oregon. Not sure who took it, but damn. They planned it well


Saw something like 50% here in CA.

I found it underwhelming. Is 100% really as awe-inspiring as people put it?

It’s just the Moon blocking out the Sun. It might have been amazing/terrifying/“insert some adjective here” for folks who don’t know wtf is going on…

But it’s just the Moon blocking out the Sun. Who the fuck cares.

I think this whole eclipse thing is a way to observe human nature and what we think is “cool”.

Simply because it’s rare, people are talking about it and getting into it. Is it really that cool? I personally believe it’s well overhyped, but it is its rarity that peaks peoples interests.

Here in the mn metro we had a perfectly timed patch of rain and clouds so we pretty much missed our 86% in most areas.

I also don’t really get the appeal. Some of the pics are neat I guess.

I had a co-worker come in my office yesterday and ask if she could look out my window at it… I’m like surrrreeee. She asked if I wanted to take a look, “Nah, I’m good…”

ITT: grizzle grizzle grizzle :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, the appeal for me is two-fold:

  1. My kids were really into it so that peaked my interest. It was fun to talk with them about it, discuss the rarity, and general topic of space and the cosmos.

  2. I would have like to have gotten a good look (which I didn’t) just to imagine what our ancestors must have thought when it happened.

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Saw a funny post from a relative, “flat-earthers are having an identity crisis today”


We were over 90%(95%?) coverage here. It didn’t turn dark of night dark, but it got pretty dim. Birds stopped chirping. A rooster started crowing. It was kinda strange.

Most of the kids got out of school. It was easier to have the day off than to risk eye damage.

Kinda pissed. I was in jersey when it happened and I didn’t get the glasses. Everything was dimly lit. It was like wearing sunglasses although I had none on and a lot of birds were flying everywhere all of a sudden. I was hoping using a spaghetti strainer (what neil degrasse Tyson recommended for those without glasses) would help me see the eclipse safely but I got a dud. he lied to me. either that ort I didn’t follow directions lol sucks it probably wont happen again in my life time but hey, it’s just an eclipse, nothing beats looking at a clear sky through a telescope and seeing distant galaxies and stars imho

Was in the 2min totality zone & it was on of the most moving experiences of my life. Like the sky was a giant IMAX screen. Men wept. 360degree Oregon sunrise. Jets of solar gasses dancing around a ring of fire. AS SOON as totality ended, I knew that I’m an eclipse chaser. 2024, who’s in?

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2017 anyone who is living in the tri state area? lol


For any that missed it, there will be another total eclipse across much of the US on April 8th, 2024.

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What part of Oregon are you in?

I noticed it was getting dark out so I got excited and ran outside. The sun was behind a cloud.

We didn’t really get here in Maine.